Our Cottage

We bought a charming 1938 cottage in February 2016!

The story behind finding this amazing property can be viewed here.
While it is in excellent condition for the age and lots of renovations were done on the home prior to our move in, I always like to add our own touch to our homes.

This is our 5th house in our 20+ years of marriage.
It is the 3rd vintage home we've owned.

Some of these photos are from various seasons this past year, and some are before photos from our home inspection.
This page will be updated as we finish up makeovers and our own updates!
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patio off of kitchen
main bathroom

Hannah's bedroom

second bedroom (music and creative space)

basement kitchenette

basement kitchenette room
family room

basement bathroom - before
basement bathroom

laundry room
garden shed

The Barn- my work area for Noble Vintage
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