Sep 28, 2016

our cottage fall porch

It's been fun to look forward to decorating a new home, especially as the holidays approach.  
One thing that we have been looking forward to with this house is the holidays.  
It is so charming- and with the barn, and Christmas, we are getting excited for new memories here.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves....
Fall has just arrived, and I finally took some time to decorate. 

I don't ever do a ton of indoor fall decor.  
I really like to focus on my porch because it is low maintenance and easy for me to do when this time of year gets busy.

 Over the years I've figured out what I like for outdoor fall decor, and even though mums are really pretty initially, they never seem to hold up well once it gets rainy.  

Instead, I focus on lots of pumpkins, the natural beauty of the oak and maple leaves that we have in abundance on our property, and garden urns or planters that are classic, filled with fall color or greenery.

When we were buying our home, I was so curious as to what the purpose of the little niche was next to the front door.
The homeowner told us that the bottom section is for umbrellas, and the top shelf was for delivery packages.
Imagine me with the heart eyes hearing this. 
Another charming feature on older homes that you just don't see anymore!
A cute little pumpkin is the package for now.

Kale holds up really well through fall and I plopped it into a galvanized pail for charm.

It's easier to add more to your fall decor by using these cute little princess pumpkins as filler.
I got all of our pumpkins at Trader Joes, and it was pretty affordable.  
I may pick up some more the next time I'm there!

Bella was very curious about all the new stuff on the steps, so of course she needed her own spotlight.

We have several oak trees on our property, so leaf raking is a full time job.  
It's so peaceful and pretty though, it's hard to complain.  I love to rake leaves!

Thanks for stopping by to visit!
We are busy doing lots of other projects I hope to share soon.
I have two upcoming vintage markets- Junk Bonanza and The Farmhouse Show, so my focus is mostly there right now, and I'm trying to round up some projects to share what will be there.
You can see more details on my FB page or Instagram.

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Aug 16, 2016

Molly Mo's Antique Faire 2016

It's Tuesday, the week after a vintage market... and usually I am relaxing and taking a breather after all the work, but not this week!
I'm hoping to get the kitchen prepped for cabinet painting.  
Yes, I am that crazy.

Anyway, I had a great time at Molly Mo's Antique Faire!
This was my third year participating as a vendor.

It was so incredibly hot!!
We reached temps in the upper 90's and I was fortunate that my booth got a little bit of shade during the late afternoon hours from a big fir tree.

We still had lots of customers that braved the heat, and I really enjoyed talking to fellow vendors and customers all weekend.

It was the first market I was in since France, so I had all my treasures here and it was so much fun talking to people about the trip, and swapping travel stories.

I was happy with my booth set up- it's the first time this year that I felt like everything looked cohesive and well put together.

My favorite(s) were these industrial cubbies that I brought.  
I got them from a mechanics shop and they are so fun.  I went back and bought a set for me!
 I added some metal casters to mine and it is now in our basement family room area.  

These vintage theatre chairs are from a historic local theatre.  They are so fabulous.  I'm guessing they are around 80 years old.  Wouldn't they look great in an entry way or media room?

I had a few interested customers but they either wanted to split up the pair or offer less on them (they were very reasonably priced, and I had just debuted them here so I wasn't willing to do that on either account).

I absolutely love this art!  It looks like a student piece.  It's a 2 for 1. There's the still life here, and on the backside is a landscape.  Both are so pretty and remind me of fall.  It didn't sell, but that's ok.  I really love this one, and I think the right person will too.
It's at Aunt Bee's House now.

And speaking of artwork, I found this fantastic booklet on how to paint flowers, and just loved the illustrations.  I thought it would have made a great collage of instant art if someone wanted to tear out the pages and hang them on the wall.  It sold.  I'm a teeny bit sad.

I'm still working on a complete look for my booth- I definitely have an end goal in mind- one that is easy to store, easy set up and take down (lightweight), and has a certain look that I'm after.
More on that later.
Part one of that look is a new sandwich board style sign that I made for this market.  I'll be doing a tutorial on that soon.

Thanks for letting me share my weekend with you!  
And thank you everyone who came and shopped Molly Mo's!
I really appreciate it!
A huge thank you to Diane for putting together this market and making it fabulous.  
You can see more photos on the FB page by clicking here.

See you soon!

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Aug 10, 2016

DIY - painted chandelier makeover

Today I'm showing you a quick post on a chandelier I transformed using chalk paint and Fusion Mineral Paint Antiquing glaze.

I bought this primitive looking chandelier from a family friend, and decided to do a 180 change from it's current look:

It was in great working order, but not my look at all.

I first spray painted all the thin arms in Heirloom White by Krylon.
I didn't want the paint to be globby from a couple coats of chalk paint so it worked as a base.

Using a brush, I worked a couple coats of white chalk paint all over the body and the candle bases.  
Thin coats help it to go on smoothly.

Once it was painted and dry for 24 hours, I used a new to me product!  I've never used a liquid glaze before (I know! shocking- with all the paint projects I do!).  
Fusion Mineral Paint Antiquing Glaze.
I've just always used dark wax if I am aging a piece, but for a lamp where there's a heat source, I didn't think wax was the best choice.

I painted it on in sections and wiped it off with a cotton cloth.  The chandelier had a few divots in the finish, which allowed the glaze to settle in and give it a great rustic / aged look.

Very subtle, which is exactly what I wanted.  
Not a pure white painted look- and not a too dark / brown / aged appearance. 

It worked so great, I'm looking forward to using it again on future projects!  

I want to thank Jennylyn for sending me some of the Fusion Mineral Paint products for me to try out, and although she didn't ask me to blog about using it, I'm happy to share products the I like and have worked well for me.
I'm excited to show you an even bigger project over the next few months using the Mineral Paint! 

The chandelier is now available at Aunt Bee's House.
Any other questions on this DIY?  You can ask me in the comments section below!

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Aug 8, 2016

industrial gray kitchen island makeover and the joy of finding fruit

Thank you so much to everyone who read, commented, and reached out to me after my last post. It really was hard putting it out there, and I am grateful for all the encouragement that I received from writing so honestly. 
My goal is to be more of myself on my blog, and I hope it didn't sound like I was asking for sympathy!

I've been working on a piece that has been really fun.
We all have those favorite spots that seem to regularly turn up gems.
I found this gray shop cabinet at one of my favorite places about a month ago, and they were so tired of moving it around to get it to sell, that I got it for next to nothing.

A lot of clean up, a little paint refresh, a new wood top, and some industrial casters- I am so happy with the end result!

This looked pretty cruddy when I brought it home, but I saw lots of potential in it.

Dirt, a badly chipped veneer top, and some refinishing were all in order.

It has tons of room inside for storage, and I love the original bead board front to the island and interior base.  I also really liked the chipping paint, but I sanded it back a bit and added a fresh coat of gray milk paint in Miss Mustard Seed's Schloss.  Just a slightly warmer gray.
A coat of poly on the exterior to seal everything.

Originally, I started to take off the veneer top, and realized that was pointless and very time consuming (and underneath wasn't that great of wood anyway....) so I replaced the top with planked fir.  I just love the wood grain.

I've done this before on a few other makeovers, and I feel like my construction skills are getting better!
A little bit of stain, and it now has a more finished farmhouse look instead of dirty, shop cabinet top.

I am planning on bringing this island to Molly Mo's Antique Faire this weekend, and I really wanted to stage this with some bar stools.  

I was so lucky to find a matching pair at an estate sale over the weekend!  
What are the chances??
I haven't had been able to clean them up since I brought them home, but I'll do a bit of sanding to freshen them up before the market.

This worktable is so heavy, and I've been working on it in the garage, so the photo shoot happened in the driveway.  Not my favorite spot to shoot, but I'm just happy to get some shots of it before the sale.
It was fun to work on the styling and put into play what I've learned since France with Heather Bullard.

I'll be bringing a few bread boards and cutting blocks like this one to Molly Mo's.  
This is a vintage Munising butcher block.  I'm kind of becoming obsessed with Munising.  They have gorgeous wood bowls also, and I have two which will also be a part of the inventory for the show.  
Really great quality vintage!

I was able to go around the yard and pick some fruit from our little orchard.
Our grapes are just starting to ripen, and I thought the colors were so pretty.

I also discovered that we have a pear tree!! I had no idea until yesterday.  
There are only three fruit on it (actually only two now that I picked one for the photo shoot....)
but when it was flowering this spring, I assumed it was another cherry or apple tree.
So fun!!

Over the weekend, I also picked up a few copper kitchen accessories.  
I might be one of the few people that doesn't love copper.
I can definitely appreciate the quality, but it's not my thing.

I usually only buy vintage pieces that I am in love with and would use myself, but I know that copper is becoming a trend again in kitchens, so I added this to the mix of inventory.

One thing I learned from our photo shoots in France and again here, is that copper is hard to shoot well! 

I'm also bringing several French linen pieces to the market.  
This cute towel is not vintage, but I bought one for me and one to sell, and it is great quality, thick linen.  
And of course, I'm always a sucker for lettering / numbers / graphic images on items so this was a must have.

Lots of stuff to wrap up this week, but I'm hoping to get one more post in before we load up Wednesday night!

If you are interested in coming to Molly Mo's Antique Faire,  you can click here for more details.
It starts Friday evening and goes all day Saturday.  
Food trucks will be on site so you can feel free to shop and spend the day.
See you soon!

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