the things I find at estate sales.... like our new house

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November 2014, our family was out for an afternoon of errands, and on our way out of town, I spied my favorite road side sign:
Estate Sale

I did my usual "hey let's pull over", half joking, knowing Jon is not real big on pulling over for these things.  But this time was different, and for some reason he was totally up for it.

So we drove up the road to a street I've never been on before.
It was Sunday afternoon, typically a discount day as far as estate sales go, so I knew it would be pretty picked over already.
Hannah and I jumped out of the truck, and started looking around.
We found a few things right off, but I was thinking to myself, 
wow, this place is really cute!
A cool barn / shop?
And a garden shed?

I asked the estate sale company if the house was going to be for sale
(half heartedly believing it was already sold)

And she said, 
Yes! Here's the sign up list if you're interested. 
The owner will be calling people after the start of the year.

Well, it just so happened that the family of the estate was there, and they overheard me asking and asked if we would like a little tour.

We were smitten.
We chatted about our interest in the house before we left, and talked to the home owner about being in touch after the start of the year.

I did my best to wait until January 2 (because, you know, January 1 just seemed too eager...)
to call the homeowner and see what the timeline was for the house to go on the market.
It was already being rented out to some friends, so we waited.
And drove by the house a hundred times or so.

This past June, we got another call letting us know the renters were moving out and were we still interested?

And then we waited another 5 months while some last minute renovations were being done.
A couple weeks before Thanksgiving this year, we got the call letting us know that the house was available and were we still interested?

We still had no idea what the asking price was for the house.

Let me back up just a bit and tell you something that we did after our initial estate sale visit.

We had been praying and considering a move.
We really, really, really love our house, but there were too many rooms for our family of 3, and not enough space for me to work in a workshop setting.

We prayed that the right house would happen at the right time. 
One that would allow us to stay in Hannah's school district.

*A house that wasn't a major fixer upper- we can't afford that right now with college just 3 years away.
*A house that was cute, and had a shop for my business.
(after a year of looking in our area, there were cute houses, but no shop space, or shop space but a not so cute house. Or huge acreage with the price tag to boot.)
*And, most importantly, a house that was in our price range.

God lined everything up so that at the right time, our house would sell quickly
(2 weeks on the market at Christmas time, and we sold by owner).

One thing I've learned in our 20+ years of marriage, is that God's timing is perfect.
I don't always understand the "trust and be patient" part, but I am confident that His timing is always perfect.
Hannah is the best example of that.

So as of right now, we are the owners of a darling 1938 cottage.
We said goodbye to our home on Conner, which was very bittersweet.
We shed more tears over leaving our home than I expected.
We put so much love and investment into Conner.
But, trying to paint furniture in the winter in the space between the kitchen and family room was not awesome.  

Our new house has a barn (or shop- but I like to call it The Barn) and a garden shed, and it sits on a very private 1/2 acre.

upstairs work area

lower level storage

It has been renovated and has all kinds of charm.
We are so excited for all the fun this house will allow for our family and for my business.

It means that I have room to store more awesome vintage pieces for larger shows that I've been unable to participate in because of lack of storage for inventory.
Farm Chicks and Junk Bonanza, I'm looking at you.

Another wonderful aspect of this property is that it has a circular driveway.

When I was growing up, my mom had a picture in our dining room of a stone cottage and a circular driveway in front.  I remember staring at it and thinking how amazing it would be to have a house like that.
I am still pinching myself.
We need to to some repair work to the curbs and add more gravel, but I'm so excited for this unique feature!

Wood floors, two fireplaces, a gourmet kitchen, french doors, leaded glass windows, updated bathrooms, a lovely patio space with arbors of grapes and kiwi, and sliding barn doors that were the original garage doors on the house.
As my mom told me, you're like a kid in a candy store!!
I can't wait to get started!

Cheers to new beginnings, new inspiration, and big dreams!
Welcome to our new home!

All of the following photos were taken during our home inspection, prior to move in.
entry way /living room

I just love the fireplace in the living room! And the gorgeous vintage windows.

The view from the entry way through the living room to the dining room.

French doors with leaded glass panes that lead out to a balcony overlooking the front yard.

A small hallway that leads to the bedrooms and main bath.

The hallway has a few charming features: a built in wall niche (where the telephone used to go), a wall switch with built in night light, and a built in linen closet.

 The main bathroom has been updated in period appropriate style.  I wouldn't change a thing! (ok, a ceiling fan is probably a must in here, but decor wise, I love it all!)

Marble countertop and hexagon tile.

Hannah's bedroom is actually bigger than at our last house.
Lots of natural light with 2 windows.

The second bedroom on the main floor will be used as a combination music room and storage for some of my supplies.

The master suite is on the top floor.
Right now we plan on using one side as our bedroom, and the other bedroom as a walk in closet, since the closets here are so tiny.  Down the road, we hope to convert the second room to a master bath.

 Cute built ins and a small secretary.

Downstairs off of the dining room is our kitchen.
It has also been fully renovated, and has very nice features.
I'm so loving having a nice big window to look out while I work in the kitchen!
We have partial views of the city here.

A fun bench that I know will be so nice for us and our guests.

My cute hubby talking to the inspector...  :)

French doors that lead to our patio and basement area.

The stairs down to the basement also has a window to see into the garage.

A small kitchenette.

Barn doors- these were the original garage doors to the house!  The previous home owner installed these, and it was one of the biggest clinchers for me wanting the house! :)

Charming brick fire place.  I just adore it.  So cottage / fairytale style.

At the base of the stairs, down a small hallway is another full bath in the basement.

And a very nice laundry room! There is tons of great storage, and I plan on using this as a sewing and storage area.

We have a nice large patio off the kitchen.
I haven't taken too many photos of the yard yet, but it will be much prettier in the coming months anyway!

We have a nice large arbor at the edge of the patio with grapes and kiwi.
I'm looking forward to lots of fun out here in the warmer months!

Thanks for letting me show you our new home!
I'm recovering from the flu right now- too many weeks of stress finally took it's toll on me.
Lots more to share in the coming weeks.

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  1. Your instagram link has not been working. Thought you might like to know. Mary

    1. Thanks so much for letting me know, Mary! I'll work on getting back up and running.

  2. Denise, I'm just sitting here say wow, wow over and over!! The cottage is adorable and so perfect for you. It looks like anything you might do would be mostly cosmetic. The kitchen is pretty. I love all the vintage details. If I can find it, I'm going to send you a picture from a home tour of a phone nook.

    1. Thanks Stacey! I'm really looking forward to getting settled here. Yes, mostly cosmetic and a lot of maintenance for an older home ;) I'd love to see that photo!

  3. I love love love your house.�� love how God directs our steps. His timing is perfect!!

  4. Great looking house Denise...congrats to you and your family! I hope you feel better soon.


    1. Thanks Linda! Hoping I will be back to normal again soon :)

  5. Wow! What a great house, Denise! It's amazing! And it is SO you! I can't wait to see you put your touch on every room! And...I can't wait to come visit! I hope you're feeling better! I don't think anyone escaped the flu this year! It's been awful! Take care of yourself! <3 Amanda

    1. Thanks Amanda! We definitely need to plan a get together soon :) still sick here, but hoping some of this sunshine will help. xoxo talk to you soon!

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  7. Denise it is awsome as I have always said if it is ment to be it will happen so glad that is the house it is so cute. Get over your flu
    So you can enjoy the new house.

  8. What an amazing house and can't wait to see your put your touch on it! Feel better!

    1. Thank you so much! Love your design inspiration :) I appreciate your visit so much. xo

  9. Your new home is absolutely adorable! It was truly meant to be. I know you have some great plans for this sweet cottage! Congrats!

    1. It is so exciting, Lisa! :) We were sitting in the kitchen last night eating dinner and saying how surreal it is to have been house stalking this place for a year, and now here were are- enjoying the sunset from inside! Thanks so much for your visit!


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