salvage / handmade table (look ma, I'm usin' power tools!)

It's been almost a week since my last post!  eek!  
I guess I get bogged down with all the last minute, pre-show stuff.  
Honestly, I don't know how some of you post so often before events like this!! 

This will be my last post before the weekend.
I am so excited and nervous! 
My handsome guy will be assisting me this weekend, and I am really looking forward to that.
A weekend together.
I'm really looking forward to having not only his support while I'm there, but more of an insider perspective on what I do.

This table was a lot of fun to put together.
I've seen similar ones around the web, and when I found these great rusty sawhorses, I knew I wanted to try making one.

The top was a lesson in power tools.
I purchased the lumber, and then went over to my parent's house where my dad guided me through the ins and outs of using a table saw.
(yikes, that thing still scares me.)

I brought home the hurking beast- I think the top weighs close to a hundred pounds- and stained it in walnut.
The wood is fir.

It has a nice smooth finish, and I like the juxtaposition of that with the rusty sawhorse legs.

I added some nail heads to one side of the table too. 
 Kind of like jewelry for wood- and I am all about the jewelry! 

I left the top unscrewed from the base- it will be easier for set up /take down this weekend.
If it sells, the buyer can also move it easier.

Everything is coming together- today is finishing up loose ends, touch ups on furniture and accessories, and tomorrow I raid a few items from my space at Aunt Bee's to take with me to Junk Salvation.
We pick up the moving truck tomorrow night and start loading!

I am so looking forward to meeting up with several fellow bloggers and facebook friends.
Too many to list here, but hopefully I can snap a few quick pictures over the weekend.

Here's some links to a few people that will also be at Junk Salvation- people that I am big fans of!
{There are 80 vendors}

Hope to see you- say hi if you have a chance!
Don't forget to print out the $1 off admission coupon for Saturday- it's at the top of my page.

If you are staying home for the weekend, my room at Aunt Bee's will be on sale Friday through Sunday for Super Bowl weekend!

Talk to you next week!

chippy drop leaf table and a new perspective

I've always said that one of the best ways to "see" how your decor is looking, is to look at it through a lens.  If something seems like it's not coming together, snap a picture of it, and then you can see things that your eye isn't picking up.
Case in point:

I was totally digging this drop leaf table that I was going to share today, and look what I discovered...
I really need to paint the underside.  
Before you think this was a major oversight, I intentionally left the underside undone as I was finishing this piece.  
I thought it lent itself to the primitive charm.
But now, after staging it and snapping some beauty shots, I see that it really needs to be black underneath as well.

This table was a great find while I was out hunting for a vintage bike.
If you live in the state capitol, like me, you can find cast offs that the government has let go and sells to the public!  
The government surplus warehouse sells everything from unclaimed bikes 
(which is why I was there in the first place)
 to office furniture
fire engines
 (really.  I looked at one once when I was there)
and lots of other great items.  
Mostly office furniture though.
So I was very excited to have found this table.  It's not the kind of piece I usually see there.

I painted the table in MMS milk paint, Typewriter. 
It's a great charcoal black.
I felt like this was the first time I got the consistency just right.

It got a good distressing, allowing the original color to show through.

Several of the items I staged with the table are going to Junk Salvation.
The 'Friends' sign, the cloche; I also have a few beautifully weathered cutting boards and some vintage alarm clocks.

It has a chippy top.

Opened up:

And folded up:

And this is also why I thought painting the top only was ok!
But, I am off to go get my paint brush....

Have a great weekend!

when furniture turns out to be a lemon....

I try to be really careful about the pieces I pick up.  
I don't want stuff that will make me procrastinate necessary fixes and sit on inventory for months.

I found this beautiful, traditional, hutch around Christmas time,
and gave it a good once over before taking the sales tag to the counter for purchase.

It was a little rough, but sometimes I just chalk it up to 'patina'

I think I'm going to start calling my wrinkles 'patina'.
That sounds nicer. 

Nothing on this piece that a little sandpaper and paint couldn't fix.  
The glass in the door was a bit loose, but I've fixed that before.

Since I brought it home around the holidays, I decided to wait a bit before tackling it.
I had planned to bring this hutch with me to Junk Salvation, so I needed to get moving on it.  
I put Monday as the final push day to finish it up.

I worked all weekend on it; finishing the paint, waxing it, distressing it...
Decided to put the top of the hutch on to keep me going to the finish line late Monday night...

The hutch door was tweaked.  
Not just a little, but a lot.  
I really liked the glass, the curvy insets... but this was too much.
(plus, after painting the curvy insets, it accentuated the fact that one was cracked.)

I scrapped the plans I had, and decided to go in a different direction.

The glass came out, the door came off, I added in fabric panels, and I declared it done.

It's got several custom features to it besides the fabric panels- I mixed a combination of Annie Sloan Country Grey and Old White.
The color is a warm, creamy, putty.

The interior of the hutch is painted in French Linen.
It's looking a little blue /gray in the photos, but it's a nice warm gray in person.

(I still have to paint the spots where the door hinges were...eek!)

The drawers are lined with Chic Shelf Paper, in a beige damask print.  
It was my first time using it.
I think it gives a nice finish to the interior of the drawers.

I also like the size of this piece.
It's not too big, and with the changes that were made to it, I could see this used as a bookcase in a living room, a hutch in a small space dining room or nook, or in an entry way.

Even though it turned out to be more work than I anticipated, I think it turned out better than I hoped.

Sometimes you think you're buying lemonade, only to see it's closer to lemon juice.
And then you just have to add some sugar to sweeten it up.

vintage shelf and weekend projects

I hope you had a great 3 day weekend! 

We enjoyed some down time as a family.  I say "down time" when really all that means is that we stayed home for the most part.  
My nephew's basketball game, some grocery shopping, a hair appointment; 
but for the most part, home and me doing lots of projects.

We put up this gorgeous vintage shelf on Saturday.

I purchased it from another vendor at Aunt Bee's House.
I had been looking at it for awhile, always admiring it. 
She gave me a great deal on it, and I am so grateful!!
It was hard for her to part with, but I am loving how it looks here above our bar cabinet.
Thank you, D!!

I haven't had time or inspiration to fully stage it yet, but I like the silver sugar bowls that I popped in here for now.

Loving the carved top and chippy paint.

I think it's an inset, but we obviously aren't doing that here.  

It's a unique addition to our home.  
I really liked the art that we used to have here, but it was time for a change.

My biggest project over the weekend was this:

My eyes are starting to twitch just looking at it again.
I've been painting it -between other projects- for the last couple weeks, but yesterday my goal was to get it done.  I worked on it pretty much throughout the day from 10ish a.m. to about 9:30 last night.
The paint is done.

I decided in a moment of frustration to take out the glass and decorative wood insets.  The glass was flimsy in the door, and I was worried that it would fall out and slice off someone's foot.
I have some other plans for the panels, but in the meantime I discovered that the door is warped.
I don't know whether to scream, cry, or just sigh and shake my head.
My dad gave me a tip to try and fix it, so I will attempt that in a bit.  
Nothing is ever easy....

I also continued to price and pack all the smalls.  
We did a mock staging of my space for Junk Salvation in our driveway.
It. Was. Freezing!!

Sometimes I wonder if people realize the lengths we go to for a show...

I've also been selling a lot of furniture at Aunt Bee's recently, so I stole a piece of furniture from home so my room wasn't looking so bare.

Our aqua bookcase is for sale.
My plan now is to do some wall shelves instead of a bookcase that sits on the floor.
(actually that was always my plan, but my logic went out the window when I saw a "good deal" on the bookcase.  I should have just stuck with the plan!)

Some ideas I am toying around with via my Pinterest boards:

Bulb to Blossom

Three Scoops of Love
(please remember to Pin via these lovely ladies blogs...I have added the direct URL for you to go and Pin from!) 

I'm getting anxious to do some decorating and organizing around our own home.

This door basket was something I picked up a few weeks ago for Junk Salvation, but the more I looked at it, I just couldn't let it go.  
I'm anxious to put it up- our bicycle basket Christmas wreath is still up!

There's so many great vintage pieces I pass up.
But every once in awhile I say, "nope, this one's staying with me."

Wish me luck on getting that hutch door fixed.
I'm saying that as I shake my head.


picking, pricing, packing and painting

I thought I would give you a peek at what I've been working on this week.  
I am picking, pricing, packing, and painting!
Getting all the final prep work done for Junk Salvation, now just a couple weeks away!

Lots of stuff going on around here, and it's all so fun.  
However, the temperatures and fog on the west coast are really becoming a pain in the rear- I have some painting projects that I really need to get to outside.

This wood urn is one of my favorite finds.  

It's got such a beautiful shape, and I gave it a gray wash to give it some character.
I think it would look fantastic on a mantel or bookcase.

Kinda hoping it doesn't sell.....

I also made my first European grain sack pillows.  I am really loving these, and I think I might make one for us to keep.  I got the fabric about a month ago on Antique Farmhouse.  I bought two and couldn't wait to see what I got.

The fabric is incredibly thick and feels wonderful.
These have an envelope enclosure on the backside with a beautiful natural fabric.  I plan to add some decorative oversize wood buttons to the enclosure when I have a chance to break away from painting and sewing.

I have been collecting a few Madonnas here and there in my treasure hunting. 
 This one is the largest, at almost 24" tall.  

She has a wonderful crackly finish.  
The smaller one is my own-  the others were already packed up, so she got to be in on the photo shoot.
I also have a wood bead rosary that my parents got for me when they went to Jerusalem this last fall.
It's packed up already too, but I think it will look beautiful in the vignette.

Lots and lots of ironstone will be coming with me!  I have all kinds of pieces.  
I just got this huge Tepco pitcher. 
 I put the smaller creamer next to it so you can see how big the other one is!
So heavy!
 I think it would make an amazing vase full of beautiful flowers.

I've also been painting a few signs to take with me.  
The one in the photo says Fresh Eggs.

I also made another business sign so that I can keep the one in my room at Aunt Bee's House.

This one will just go to shows.

I've also been working on my display and entrance to my space for Junk Salvation.

I was so excited to find this vintage Schwinn bike.  
It will get a makeover (again, if the darn fog would clear up!)
and be used in a fun display. 
 Can't wait.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend- I have some more furniture and decor projects coming up soon!


valentine felt banner

Last night I had some fun trying out a simple project.  I was needing some more fun Valentine pieces for my booth at Aunt Bee's, so I put together this fun and simple banner!

All it took was a small piece of felt, baker's twine, and some glitzy pom poms from the craft store.
Minimal sewing.

The three dimensional hearts start out as a folded in half piece of felt fabric.  I sewed a straight line about a half inch from the folded edge of fabric.  Then, I flipped the fabric out to the cut edge, and sewed another straight line.

I cut one inch sections to make individual hearts with my pinking shears.  

Everything was strung together with red and white baker's twine!  So cute and fun!  I could see all kinds of projects with these fun little hearts!

They'd be cute stacked in a frame too, no?

Hope this gives you some inspiration for some fun projects for Valentine's Day!

vintage mid century buffet

You're going to be seeing several furniture makeovers here for the first bit of the New Year!
I have a garage full of projects and tubs- getting ready to go with me to Junk Salvation in
less than a month!
Nothing like hitting the New Year running!

This beautiful, well built buffet was a real find.

I had my eye on another mid century buffet while I was out one day....I was considering #1, and then walked around the corner and spotted this one!

Mid century pieces normally aren't my thing.  
They don't make my heart go pitter patter.  
I know all the hipsters these days are into mid century, 
(I sound so old saying that....maybe I should have said "whipper snappers" instead of hipsters...) anyway....I'm more of a curvy, cottage, romantic furniture kinda girl.

This piece is so well constructed, great size and storage, and I really fell in love with the hardware!
Chevron handles, and diamond shape pulls...

Very classic!

I snapped it up.
(maybe I'm the Whipper Snapper?)

The diamond insets on the wood was something I decided to keep peeking through a bit.

I painted the body in ASCP French Linen.
This has some metal accents, which I really liked.
Kind of like ankle straps on a sexy pair of heels.

I also highlighted a few of the details.
The wood was pretty scratched in several spots, and if you've ever worked with inlays like this, you know that simply refinishing it is very difficult.

I should mention that this piece is really heavy, so bringing it inside to stage before I delivered it to the shop wasn't going to happen.
I had a big hole in my space because I sold the Elise vanity over the weekend.
So, this one won't be going to Junk Salvation.
I had always planned on keeping this one local.  

If you're interested in it, it's now at Aunt Bee's House in my room!
(quick iPhone pic!)


side table with red cross

Welcome new friends! and hello long time friends!
Thank you for all the nice comments on my last two furniture pieces.  I haven't had a ton of time to visit those of you who stopped by and commented, but I hope to soon!

I grew up as the daughter of an artist.
There was always paint, canvases, light tables, artist markers, and creative things around.
There are certain smells and sounds that are very nostalgic to me.

When I was deciding on my college choices in the early '90's, I knew I wanted to be an artist too.
I decided I would major in Fine Arts...although it was a little daunting.

I loved painting, but Fine Arts sometimes felt kind of.... heavy.
Not me.
Fast forward 22 years later- as I sit on the cold cement floor of my garage, paint brush in hand, and a piece of furniture waiting for a new look, I know that this is the canvas I was meant to work on!

....I feel like an artist, in the medium I was supposed to use.
I've always struggled with what to call my "job".
I keep going back to Furniture Artist.
Still needs a little tweaking, but it fits for now.

I felt like yesterday was very productive- I got a work out in; and painted a buffet, small hutch, and this little table.

It's such a funky little piece, isn't it?
I love finding smaller furniture pieces that have character and usefulness, and when I found this one, both fit the bill!

It had a strange color on it - even the sale tag listed it as "green side table"- although 'green' might be a stretch??
{Maybe a golden brown}

Loved the tray top and the unique legs.

Yesterday as I was painting, I made a custom mix color in Annie Sloan's paint.
I'm not sure it's too far off of Antique White, but it amounted to about 1/2 can of Antique White, 2 test pots of Country Grey, and 2 big globs of Pure White.
The hutch that I'm working on is being painted in this color, and I used the same for this table.
It's kind of a creamy putty color.

I stenciled the cross on top using a computer print out of the shape.
Then, laying graphite paper under the paper stencil, I traced the image which left the imprint on the tray top.
For the cross, I used an acrylic artist's paint, Liquitex, in their deep red.
Once everything was dry, a little light sanding with my sanding sponge, all around the edges of the table as well as the red cross.
Clear and dark wax- I like that the dark wax adds some extra character.

I also added a little nailhead trim, just for added detail.

Such a cute little utilitarian table!
I wish it fit in our bathroom!
  It's such a versatile size, I'm sure you could use it in a variety of places around the house.

Tomorrow I have another piece to show you- it's a bit different than the pieces I  normally makeover....but it is also one of my all time favorites!
See you then!

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chippy vintage wardrobe

I am a bad girl.  
Recently, I found a new thrift shop.
It's my secret / new / awesome place.  
I've only told two friends about it.
I know.  So naughty. 
I should share.... but maybe later.

My first visit to the New Awesome Store led me to this cabinet.

I loved the size and primitive condition it was in.
I decided to haul it home.

One thing you need to know is that I have a small Scion xB.
(aka, a toaster) 
I adore my car.
It's paid off, and has been a great vehicle for me. I love that it doesn't look like every other car on the road.
It's small enough to be easy on gas, and roomy enough for me to haul home treasures like this.  
You'd be amazed at what my car has been loaded up with!

Because my car is now 8 years old, and the hatch has been used a ton, it's beginning to need repairs.
As I was getting ready to load up the cabinet, this was the moment the latch decided to break off in my hand.
Not Awesome.

I got the cabinet loaded, but had to endure the Drive Home of Shame with my tacky latch handle dangling off the back of my car.
I expected at any moment for a cop to pull me over and do a drug check.
That didn't happen, but a vendor at Aunt Bee's happened to see my Dangle Disaster and pulled up next to me to let me know.
Thanks anyway, Traci!  ;)

Anywho, I got it fixed in a couple days, and got to work painting the cabinet.
I knew this would be perfect in milk paint.

MMS Linen paint produced a gorgeous chippy finish.
I also used the last bit of the crackle medium I had on hand.

See all those little speckly dots?
It was sprinkling (one of the many terms we use for "rain" here in Oregon...) and as I was distressing the surface, the water began to pull up the finish.
I loved the effect it was creating, and used it as another distressing technique! cool!

(also another reason to seal your painted furniture- if you don't want that to happen- from a wet water glass, or something else- make sure you seal it!!)

The knobs were a great find at Michael's in the $1 bins!!
Can you believe?
I need to go back and stock up before they are all gone!

A roomy drawer, and a great space inside to either hang clothes or add some shelves.

I had fun with the staging.
Warm and wintry.

One of my goals this year is to continue to grow and learn a lot in my photography.

Right now, I will snap a ton of photos of whatever it is I'm shooting, and be happy with what I see in the view finder; get it loaded onto the computer to edit, and not be so happy anymore.
I know I have a ton to learn, but getting the blurry (not bokeh) look gone is high on my learning list.
Self imposed homework reading is on my to do list for 2013!!

Also, I have to say
Go Ducks!
Fiesta Bowl game today, and we can't wait!

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