the beautiful beast

I am so excited to get going on this project!!!

I gave my FB fans a sneak peek last night at what we hauled home- this 8 foot oak settee!

I found this beauty -sans cushion- for just under $60.  Ever since last months's issue of Country Living came out, I have been in love with one of the homes they featured.  I thought this was so beautiful:

Country Living via Pinterest
(**update: just found the blog that inspired me! Crisp Interiors)
I've been talking for a little while about wanting another couch in here and doing away with the rocking chair.  It's super comfortable, but there just needed to be something more substantial.

I adore the carved wood flowers and acorns:

The cane back:

The curvy, albeit stubby, legs:

And the gorgeous lines on the front:

I realize there is a fuchsia drop cloth lurking in the background of the shots- our garage is so full right now, there's no more room for me to put it in there to work on! 
The beautiful beast will have to painted where she is.
Because she is so large, I'm also going to need to do some furniture rearranging once this is done.
Ektorp, you may be switching spots with the beautiful beast.

But I can picture it now....white cotton cushion; soft wrinkled linen pillows.... all in a shabby chic white finish on the wood.

Want to know what I was supposed to be finishing this week?

Linen slipcovers for the dining room.
Ah well.  It's how I roll.
Decorating chaos.

Can't wait for the reveal of both projects :)
Have a great Thursday!

contemporary bright deck seating

I thought I'd give you a little update on our deck seating area!
Last summer it went through a major overhaul, and you can click here if you want to see the transformation that we started.

We haven't done a ton this year except for some fresh flowers in the pots and a new area rug.
We'd like to do more, but the to do list keeps on growing, and with our 20th anniversary and a big trip coming up, we'll see.  
I'll just be happy if we get the deck refinished before summer is over!

The rug was something we recently got at World Market.  I love how it adds to the bright colors and contemporary look we have out here. (Kind of a departure from the interior, I know!)
It was a great buy for a 4 x 6 outdoor rug- $19.99.

 The bamboo we planted in the pots behind the deck is filling in more now, and offering a little more privacy this year.
We love sitting out here in the evenings with a glass of wine and reading.

 Pinks, purples and yellows this year.  We put in petunias, lambs ear, marigolds, and geraniums.  The Creeping Jenny in the back pot seems to come back every year, which is great!

I purposely didn't get too many shots of our outdoor table.  
If you missed that post from last summer, you can read about it here
It didn't fare too well over the winter, so we have some fixing to do. 

Overall, it's a very comfy space that we are enjoying.  More stuff will be happening back here in the future, but for now, we love having the pretty rug added into the mix!

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Happy Memorial Day


my room and a mini tour of Aunt Bee's House

There have been several times recently when I've been stocking my space, I bring my camera, and then leave without getting any photos!
So here's an update on how things are looking!

I had to shoot pretty quick because it was late in the afternoon and almost time for school pick up.  I'd like to get some more another time.

Here's a view of the hutch. 
There are sales that go on twice a month at Aunt Bee's, and right now I have 10% off everything.
It goes through Sunday!
You can see a bit of the new rug I added in- I really like what it's added to the space.

The typography dresser and some new accessories.

The Anna vanity. I also have some Caswell Massey soaps! It's a beautifully boxed mermaid gift set.  All the soaps are shaped like shells, and smell heavenly.

I've started adding in a few Americana pieces for Memorial Day weekend, and the upcoming 4th of July!
(one of my very favorite holidays!)
 I have more that I will be adding in during June.
I recently added in the burlap coffee sack pillows.
I have some smaller ones that will be going in my Etsy shop later today.
You can also see the Cottage bed in the background. :)

Another new item I added in was a vintage drying rack.  This is HUGE.  I had no idea how difficult it would be to place in this room!! I needed something to display my linens better, and it certainly does, but I still gotta play around with my layout.

I missed getting a few shots of some things, but like I said, I was crunched for time.

Moving on to some other areas of the shop!

Judy has a really cute corner- I love the color on these two.

Sharon has a lot of primitive and country pieces, and her hutch is just adorable.

The day I brought it my heavily distressed typography dresser, we were laughing because she had just done one as well! Must be something in the spring air.  ;)
LOVE the color on this!

One of my most favorite spaces is Dani's.  
She is right across the way from me and always does her displays so beautifully.
I love seeing what she brings. 

I haven't met the owner of this little corner space yet, but always love the mix of fantastic stuff!
Love those chairs!

Judy and Mary's room has lots of beautiful things to look at!
(I wish I'd had time to get some close ups)
That little rounded top shelf is too adorable.

The front window display at Aunt Bee's House gets changed out regularly- I love the curtains that were added in and the bright colors.

One of the new gift areas- Fairy Garden supplies!
I have an obsession with all things miniature. 
(You'd never know it though, because if I let myself, 
I'd have too many tiny little things all over my house!)

Maybe a fairy garden would allow me to keep some of that in check though....  
aren't these accessories adorable?? little arbors, gates, lanterns, chairs, wheelbarrows, even teeny tiny cloches!! my favorite!

That's it for now- thanks for letting me update you on my lil room and give a very mini tour!

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French replica sign for the bath

One of the items I found on my big junk shopping trip the other day was a small wooden sign.  Perfect size for transforming into what I was wanting to cover.

Kind of a quirky little thing.
99 cents.

(I am loving my new nail polish color too!!! Periwinkle!)
I painted it all in black, and then printed off my template.

Using white graphite paper, I traced all the lettering onto the board.

I then used a cream craft paint to fill in the lettering.  
The border was just freehanded.

A sawtooth hanger was superglued to the back
(the wood was too thin to nail in)
and now I have a beautiful French replica sign to cover an unsightly spot.

Here's what it looked like before the sign was up, from Tuesday:

My inspiration came from a tear out I've had for years.  
I've remembered this kitchen, the sign, and always admired it.

Better Homes and Gardens July 2003

In case you're wondering- translated, it means Marechal Ney Road- in Nice, France.  It was named after a French general.

I also added in my $18, Made in Mexico expensive French cherub statue to the corner.

P.S. I am sooooo excited for my favorite show that starts TONIGHT!!!
So You Think You Can Dance!
woo hoo!!
are you watching?

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fantastic junk!

My heart is so happy when I have a successful shopping trip!
Last Friday I went out with my mom to scout out some new items, and all the estate sales we hit early on were duds.
Unless you're really into fabric stuffed giant potato men.

The last two days were much more successful for me, and I can't wait to get going on these items!

This was part of a huge stash of stuff I brought home late yesterday!

Some very large milk glass urns and a silver sugar and creamer:

A set of unglazed owl bookends.  Perfect condition!
I am debating on spraying these a glossy white or maybe a color?? What's your vote?
I think white would look best with the rest of my stuff, but I'm open...

A set of 4 midcentury aqua and gold rimmed plates.  Loving the color!

TWO sets of oversized cutlery! :) 
One for my room at Aunt Bee's House, one for my newly reopened Etsy shop.
I loved the bottle too- I am thinking I will dress it up just a teensy bit with some graphic numbers around the neck...

This vintage 1960's towel is in mint condition.  It looks like it came right off the shelf! I loved the bright pink color.  Plus, it reminded me of a set my parents had when I was a kid.  Theirs was either avocado green or harvest yellow though.  Not pink. ;)
I thought it would be cute if someone wanted to make it into some pool / beach pillows!
It's reversible, so the other side is pale pink background with bright pink floral.

I can't resist a good statue.  Even though this Roman beauty is gold now, she won't be for long.  Trying to decide on a gray green chalky patina, or just white....
I am over the moon excited over the pillowcases.  I have always loved this print.  
So sweet!

This mid century jar is by Jeannie Robinette.  
It found out after I bought it that it actually was supposed to have a lid, and was an apothecary jar of sorts. I love the mermaids on the front, and thought it would make a cute jar for kitchen utensils, a flower vase, or a wine bottle chiller.  (it's large enough)
These are a really high end hand painted line, so even without the lid, it was a find.

A vintage Royal typewriter!
With ribbon!  :)
I saw the case, and was pretty certain it was a typewriter.  
so cute.

Couldn't resist this Americana picnic basket with the Fourth of July approaching!
And the black 1930's era lantern! 
It's missing the globe, but it was too cool to pass up.

I love vintage sweaters.  
I don't own any, and I only have one piece of vintage clothing (it's a 1950's bowling shirt)
But this one is tugging at me as a keeper.  We'll see.
It's off white angora.  Silver beading. Fully lined. Mint condition.
The back also has the same floral beading.
And it fits me perfectly.  :)
I would love this with a big off white crinoline or maybe pencil skirt....

This vintage seascape was one of the first finds yesterday. 
Love the colors, and the frame isn't too bad either!
(I threw in my manzanita branch just so you could get the vibe...)

It was quite comical to see me trying to manage all my goodies yesterday! 
Fortunately, my super helper kiddo was able to help.
I was totally charmed by this roll top desk caddy. 
It needs a good cleaning, and then I plan to paint it up.
Still trying to decide what color....

Whew! That's it for now!  Now begins the process of deciding what goes into the shop locally and what to put in my Etsy store. 
As always, if there's something here that strikes your fancy, just email me and I can set up a reserve listing for you online.

Have a great Wednesday!
I'm off to Zumba!

Welcome Lemon Tree Lane- my newest sponsor!

I would like to extend a warm welcome to my newest sponsor Lemon Tree Lane!
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Lemon Tree Lane offers a variety of sizes, and has a range of prices.

8x10 frames:

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And creative frames for monitors!
How adorable!!

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