adding social media icons to your blog- tutorial

If you read my Facebook page, then you know the struggles I've had with adding these little guys to my blog.
I am a determined do-it-myself-kinda gal, to my own detriment at times.

What I will show you today in this tutorial, is the way I figured out how to get everything to line up the way I wanted and to get those buttons linked to the places they should go to.

It's pretty simple once you figure it out, but I'm kinda slow in the technological department- so I hope- if you're like me- it will be beneficial for you.

Here we go!
I am giving you instructions on lining up your icons in a horizontal pattern using Blogger platform, like you see here on PinkPostcard.

Step 1: You need icons.
If you don't have a Photobucket account, you will need one. Go sign up right now. It's fast and free.
You'll need it to insert your code for your buttons.

I had Red Pearl Designs, who has done all of my PinkPostcard logos, make up some buttons that matched the theme of my blog.  Megan does really fast and beautiful work.  If you'd like to connect with her to make some up for your blog, you can click here for her info.  If you want a more generic set of icons, you can make up your own using some freebies that I found on Linkmedic.  They have a large selection of different types of icons.

Step 2:  Adding in your icon to Photobucket.
Once you have your buttons for your social media icons (Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feed, Pinterest, whatever you want to use) you will need to upload them like you would a photo to Photobucket.  Once it is uploaded, you will need to find the "Direct Link" box under each icon you plan to use. Copy that code for the first one and open up a blank page in Word, or any other software that will allow you to cut and paste.

Step 3: Adding in the code to make your icon.
Paste the entire code from Photobucket onto your page.

Then type this code onto your page:

Where you see the red letters here, you want to add in your link.  If this is your Facebook icon you're working on, copy and paste the web address to your blog's Facebook page. 
Next, take the "Direct Link" code for your icon image (from Photobucket), and paste that in where you see the blue letters.  You need to delete the code in blue here and insert your own Photobucket code.  It should all fit between the " " .

Once you have that all squared away, you are ready to do your next one!  If you are doing a Twitter icon, you need to add in your link to your blog's Twitter account, (where it is in red) and then grab your "Direct Link code from Photobucket associated with the Twitter button.

Each social media icon will be the same as above EXCEPT for your email.  Here's how that one will look:
Make sure you have the mailto: inserted before you type in your email address. The Photobucket Direct Link will still be the same, just make sure you are linking it to your "email" icon. 

Step 4: Putting it all together.
Here's where I screwed up when I did this the first time. Make sure that all of your codes are together in one grouping.  Like this:

I had mine all separated out and it caused all of my links to only go to my Facebook page!  Once you have all of your links grouped together, you will want to go to your "Design" tab at the top of your Blogger page, and then click on "Add a Gadget".

Click on "HTML / Java Script".  Then in the box marked "Content" you want to add in that grouping of code that you have so lovingly prepared.  :)

Make sure you hit "Save"!! You can then go back to your page layout and put your icons wherever you like on your blog.  I have mine at the very top of my page, so they are easy to find.  On my layout it looks like this:

There it is! Right above my "picture".

I hope this has been a clear and concise tutorial on adding social media icons.  If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them here in the comments so that others can see as well. 
I'm no techie or expert, I've just done them recently and thought it might be helpful to some of you other newbies out there!  The Blog Guidebook was the source I used when I was making up my own icons. It's very good, but I felt like it kinda assumed I'd know some of the stuff that ended up giving me some grief!

Happy Blogging!


more product for the market sale

So many fun projects! I am having a blast right now!!
Here are some more items I have been working on and accumulating for the sale.

This last June I picked up an old crusty drip pan at a rummage sale. I saw it as a giant magnet board. I also wanted it to look like a found object that was pulled from a shop.

The magnets are made to look like the numbers you'd take at a wait counter.

(and now you can see what's on my grocery list for the week.... he he!)
This is a huge piece measuring 29" x 47"!
I just need to add some mounting holes.

As I said in yesterday's post, I found some beautiful vintage books. All are related to England except for the algebra textbook. A nicely patina'd teapot and some diminutive footed cups. Wouldn't they be pretty for cotton balls, jewelry, keys... So many possibilities!

Next, these gorgeous picnic baskets with wood lids. The larger one on the bottom is a very unusual size. I've never seen one this large. It measures 23" x 13".

A pretty aluminum pitcher always makes for a unique vase!

I found these great vintage cabinet doors at the I ♥ Thrifting Party a couple months ago. Don't you just love the curvy insets? I saw Vickie at Ranger 911 first use The Graphics Fairy " menu" graphic.  It was because of Vickie's beautiful project, that I became a follower of hers! Such a fun application!

I will be selling 2 of these menu board chalkboards. The only thing left to finish on them are chalk hangers.  These will also be for indoor / outdoor use. A sawtooth hanger and some prop feet will make it dual use.
One of my favorite things to find are vintage carafes. They are so pretty and useful. This one has a neat starburst and a glass stopper.
Love these as a bedside water holder, mouthwash dispenser, or for some real luxury, why not put this by the bath and fill it with some bath oils?

One of my favorite items I picked up recently is this Baldwin's White Rose perfume bottle. I spent too much on it, but I thought it was pretty special.
Hopefully someone else will too.  :)

Vintage jewelry boxes are always a favorite find for me.  It reminds me of when I was little and I would sift through and play with all my grandma's jewelry.
This one has so much going on- the hot pink satin lining with the beautiful gold filigree in the lid:

and the gold stars sprinkled across the top.  I also was loving the fact that it came with the original key!

In the first pic there you probably noticed the bling.  Oh. my. word.  I went to a garage sale over the weekend where the homeowners were selling bags by the table-full of bling! Most of it was sorted by color and type, the one I got was chock full of bling-y goodness.  The choker you see here was the most fab piece of all.  The rest of it I am thinking I will use for Christmas embellishments!

And, if you're not sick of photos yet, here are two items I picked up just for me:

A rusty white birdcage for the living room....not sure if I will be adding something inside...a lamp in that corner is on my hunting list...!

...a framed set of old photos.  Don't you love the peeling frame?
The photos are so full of life and so interesting.  One dollar!! :)
Finally, I'm also working on another (yes, another) dresser. This one is quite different from the one I featured yesterday. Here's a little glimpse:

That's all for today!
If you've been wondering how to add social media icons to your blog, join me tomorrow for the tutorial!
See you soon.

the bossy dresser

I'm kinda starting to embrace the whole 'naming the furniture' thing!

This weekend I finished a dresser that I picked up on a big thrifting trip.  I love this one.
However, I had the horrible realization as I was editing photos this morning, that the only "before" photos I took were of the knobs!!  grrrrr.....
Anyway, here it is:

The before shot would have shown you that this was a hum drum brown dresser. I used a creamy white to lighten it up - HD's Spice Delight.
I left the top as is.  It looks great with the wood tone and white together.  Plus it would have been really easily nicked and scratched with the finish if I'd tried to paint it (even with primer).
I wish the Annie Sloan Chalk paint fairy would magically leave me some paint...

A little bit of distressing on the edges, and my favorite technique using the Clorox wipes on the lettering. I never get tired of using this!  I hope you aren't, because I'm having way too much fun with it!  :)

A lot of times when I'm working on a piece that I plan to add some artistic embellishment to, whether it's lettering or a design, I just start with an area on the furniture that catches my eye, and as I'm sanding and prepping, I start to think about what would be fun on it.  This dresser had too many handles and knobs going on, so I removed a couple and thought some lettering would look good.  Filled in the holes, and came up with the "Get Dressed".  I thought it was fun and the more I looked at it, it seemed kinda bossy :) and so that's how the name came up.

Here's the knobs when I purchased:

and after a light coat of Oil Rubbed Bronze:
A little bit of glazing in the same color as my Frenchy chair (in my sidebar).
All sealed with a clear poly.

This piece, and several others that I'm working on, will be headed to the Deepwood Vintage Market in a few short weeks. 
I've been having some great finds over the past few days, and I'm hoping tomorrow's post will highlight some more items that will be making it's way to the market.

Here's one that I used in staging this piece-
the vintage 1930's algebra book:

It's very small and I love the printing on the inside.
I've also been collecting some vintage books on England with some beautiful old covers. 

Thanks for letting me share this piece with you.  I hope it goes to a good home!
Even if it is a little bossy.


snapshots from the garden

Our very short summer is quickly turning to fall, and it has done some wacky things to our growing season.  Happily, one of the benefits is that I have strawberries- at the end of August!

The wine barrel gardens have done very well.  The only thing that hasn't done fabulous is the basil.  It was hangin' on by a thread for awhile, but now it looks healthy- although not the bounty I'd hoped for this year.
Our cherry tomatoes are coming on in full swing and I can pick a handful almost daily.

The other night I was able to pick a bunch of parsley for homemade chicken noodle soup.
I found a super easy recipe that I hope to share with you soon - once the weather feels more like soup season.

I am waiting a bit longer to harvest some of our other herbs for fall and winter cooking.
It has been so fun to have a garden again.  I've loved having a little niche to grow some of the things we love.

Here's a couple before and after pics of the strawberries.  We planted around Memorial Day weekend, so you can see how nicely they filled in over summer:

May 31- Memorial Day weekend
I hope you are enjoying the benefits of your garden!
Do you container garden or have a full on spread?
Enjoy your Sunday!

nook makeover and a free printable for you

Sometimes a room goes through so many changes, you actually start to forget some of them!

I am so pleased with the end result here.  My heart is happy when I look in this room now.

It came together because I finally figured out what I really liked and what worked in this space.
I had made so many, "eh, not quite" decisions.  That's just me.  I'm never a slam dunk idea girl when it comes to decorating my home.  It's usually trial and error. 

I decided to go through my tear outs and Pinterest boards and take a hard look at what I was consistently attracted to.  I realized that a lot of the ideas I'd been trying to put together weren't consistent with that.
Does that ever happen to you?
Once I figured it out, it really came together!
Imagine that! :)

I love open shelving.  That was a must.  It quickly and inexpensively filled up a large wall space while also giving us lots of extra storage in a pretty way.

The top shelf was for some of my favorite platters that don't get used on a daily basis but I love to see.

Milk glass and ceramic vases add some nice shape.
The little concrete bird was from my friend Lois. 
Thanks Loie!!
I'm sure I will continue to fluff these shelves, but for now, I like how it's working.

The bottom shelf now stores all of our everyday dishes.  I think it will be nice having it right next to the table. Plus, if we have guests over, there's no questions on where everything is.

The art!  Amy Walters, from the U.K., designed this adorable print, and I've had it on my Pinterest board for awhile. I love the pink back ground, the English was supposed to take several days to get here, but it was only about 4!!  woo hoo!
Check out some of her other adorable and quirky art in her shop. So fun.  The print you see here now also comes in a larger size.

I used the scale and our new cookie jar as bookends for some of our cookbooks.  I have a lot more, but I just put a few out for now. 
Speaking of the cookie jar....

I found this jar when I was out thrifting a few weeks ago. I loved the style of it. Since it was just clear glass I knew a fun label would really perk it up.  I designed this one on one of my software programs. 
It's printed on regular paper, but I stained it with coffee prior to printing it.
A little Mod Podge, and I now have a cute jar for the goodies.
I realize that with the label, that this is only going to be hand washable- and water resistant at best. But I'm willing to forsake some practicality for the pretty. ;)
This is my first attempt at offering a free printable, so hopefully it works. It's in a jpeg file, sorry about the huge spacing issue:
Let me know if you have any issues printing this out or saving it to use!
A scalloped edge scissor was what I used for the edging on my label.

I also added in my vintage creamer.  My mom gave this to me years ago.  Engraved on the front is 'Edelweiss Cafe'.
I also started storing our table necessities on this little glass pedestal.

Elevating the everyday.  :)
Napkins, sugar bowl, and salt and pepper.
The sugar bowl was a major splurge from Anthropologie, but it adds so much character, I've never regretted this purchase!
I just adore the dainty little spoon!!

I still have more primping to do and figuring out what to do with all of the new found storage space, but like I said- just loving this space right now!
The basket on the shelves holds our place mats.  I hope to add more baskets in there soon.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!
I am busy prepping for my show in 3 weeks!
LOTS of goodies I can't wait to show you.
Happy Friday.

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I am a big fan of vintage fans

 When we decided to put the vintage cabinet in our master bedroom, I started thinking about what accessories to put on top of it.
Immediately, I thought of a vintage fan in a beachy color.
 A couple weeks ago when I was able to go to my friend Sarah's barn sale, I spotted this beauty:

Not only was it exactly what I was looking for, but it works really well!
I love the hum it makes when it's on.

How about you? are you a 'fan' of vintage fans?


easy summer outdoor party

One of our favorite traditions during the summer is Frogmore Stew. This was the third year for our get together with our friends that we affectionately call "Group".  Short for "Group Therapy".
It's a long story, some day I may share the history there.

Frogmore Stew was a new recipe to me a few years ago. It's a recipe more familiar to the South. When I tell people from around here that I'm making this dish, they usually cringe a little and I have to assure them there are no frogs in this.
Here are the ingredients:

See? No frogs.
It is a really simple, fun, and delicious meal. Everyone can grab and eat what they like.

Here's how you  make it.  This feeds 8 people:

Cooking Directions:
Bring water and Old Bay Seasoning to a boil.  Add the potatoes and cook for 15 minutes.  Next, add in the cut sausage and cook for an additional 5 minutes.  Add the corn to the mix and cook for another 5 minutes.  Last, add in the shrimp and cook for approximately 5 minutes, or until no longer pink (if using uncooked shrimp).

While this is cooking, make sure you have some munchies for the guests. I went with some easy to prepare appetizers. The big hit of the night was the Trader Joe's pastry puffs with caramelized onions. They were gone so fast, I didn't even have time to take photos!! These yummy bites were crispy and flaky, cream cheese centers topped with tangy caramelized onions. I need to go stock up on these and keep them in the freezer for future parties!
A simple veggie platter with some herb dip was also out with the pastry puffs.

I made more of an effort this year to color coordinate the table to our outdoor furniture. 

Traditionally you see Frogmore Stew laid out on a red and white checkered tablecloth.  I went with green to go with all the blues and greens on our deck.
Since the food is the centerpiece of the table, I didn't do anything except for on the ends:

 Some Mason jar votives and hydrangeas.  The larger hurricanes are filled with sea glass, shells and sand. Isn't it amazing to see how the blooms have already changed from inky periwinkles, to faded pinks, greens and blues? 

With Frogmore Stew, you lay it all out on the table so everyone can grab what they want, so I just put out a length of parchment paper for the food.

Almost as soon as the food was out, the yellow jackets descended on us like a plague of locusts!

(**Note to self**  NEXT year, put out some traps / baits for the bees! )

We all made the best of it, and had a great time anyway.
Sliced cornbread and butter was the only other addition to dinner.

I'm still loving having a serving area out back!  My pretty (and empty) little pedestal was made by my friend Lois.  It's where the rapidly disappearing pastry puffs were!  :)

For dessert we followed up with some Island Way Sorbets.  Really pretty in the fruit rinds, and yummy for summer.  Pineapple, coconut, mango passion, and lemon pomegranate.  A refreshing way to follow up dinner.

 Later on, the lanterns and candles all were lit up and we had a great time laughing, updating each other on what's going on in, and talking about what's ahead in our lives.

This is a tradition we all cherish.  I love it because it's fun, and great food- but it's also something that is a marker in each of our summers. 

Thanks for letting me give you a peek into our friendships and traditions.  I hope this inspires you to call up your buddies and make some fun summer memories of your own!