white cottage kitchen - before and after

Wow.  This has been quite the project.
This is the third (and not the last) time I've painted cabinets and updated a kitchen.

Here's the background:
When we bought our home, I was super excited about a remodeled and really well done kitchen.

However, the style was definitely not me.

I have always been a white cabinet girl, and the overall style of this kitchen was dark and contemporary feeling.  
So I knew right away that I would be tweaking some things to make this more like what I liked.
After getting a couple bids on the cabinets, I decided I would paint them.
This is my third round of painting cabinets, and I was not super excited about this project again, but saving myself over $2000 was a perk.
I started out with General Finishes Snow White, and was not impressed with the coverage at all.
I finished up the project using Annie Sloan Pure White.
Just to save a few pennies, I primed all the cabinets first
(even though this isn't necessary with chalk paint).

I really love the new look!

We have a temporary table set up as our island right now.
We advertised our granite countertop on the "free" section of Craigslist.  I didn't want to pay a contractor to come and tear it out, so I took my chances on this route.
It paid off!
I had multiple offers to come and pick up the counter, but I made it clear in the ad that it was heavy, and still attached to the floor and island base.

The person who came to pick up the island was a guy who responded with
"... I can pick up the island tomorrow, and I have tools."
You're the man!

This guy was so awesome.
Booties, rubber gloves, and moving blankets.
He was so careful with everything from start to finish.  They safely removed the granite, and now the friend he was helping retrieve this for will have a beautiful new outdoor kitchen counter.
A win / win for everybody!

So yes, we are living with a few missing tiles where the island once sat, but we already got replacement tiles since these photos were taken.
After those are installed, the antique shop counter will go in place of the temporary table.

The back patio door lets in lots of natural light, but the panes are all failing- they all have a white film on them.
I have a dutch door waiting in the barn for a future install.

I'm still not entirely sure about the natural wood door.
It's a great door, but the color is reminiscent of the prior cabinet color.
I'm still considering some options here.

The sign above the sink is a favorite of mine.
I got it from a vendor at Aunt Bee's House, and we had it in our upstairs hallway at our last house.
I've also been super lucky to find a few great antique wool rugs over the last few months.
This one here is perfectly aged and fits great in front of the sink.

I have a soft spot for maiden hair ferns.
I wish they liked me as much as I like them.
They do pretty well for about a month and then I always manage to kill them.
I also picked up a few French soaps when I was in France.
This one was my favorite; Goats Milk.
The little bowl was from a French potter that Heather Bullard introduced us to on one of our shopping excursions.

I have drooled over concrete tile ever since I first saw it on Fixer Upper.
It's not inexpensive! We opted to do a focal point on the back splash behind the stove, and I absolutely love it.
I had priced out a few options, and found the best price for what I like at Wayfair.  They don't have a huge selection, but for what I wanted, it was perfect.

Are you ready to see the before photos and see the dramatic transformation?
These were all taken during our inspection.

Like I've said before, we started with a beautiful kitchen, but I love how light and bright we've now made it.
There's still more to do, but I hope to keep you posted on the updates as they happen.

Any questions on the painting process?
I will be doing a follow up post in the future on this project, along with my previous experiences painting cabinets.
Leave your comments below!


  1. Denise, oh my goodness what a huge difference! Your kitchen is perfection. I love all of the details you added to make this space feel warm and inviting. So so so pretty, hugs, CoCo

  2. Thanks so much Coco! We are so happy we did it! Thanks for your encouragement along the way! :)


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