industrial car carrier top coffee table

Remember a few posts back when I talked about the funeral home estate sale?
Well, here's another treasure from that sale!

I know a lot of people would be totally weirded out by that, and I guess it is a little morbidly strange, but I knew that this place had been around for many years, it was in one of my favorite buildings in town, and who knows what interesting bits might be found?

This was a one day sale, and I was sure by the nature of the sale that the dealers would be there early.
Uh, really early.

I think I was number 15 on the sign up sheet and that was getting there 2 hours beforehand!

I had a nice time reacquainting myself with a former high school class mate who was also there.
We only went to school together for a year?, and I always thought he was a funny and cool guy.
In talking to him, he has lived all over the world and led a pretty fascinating life, so the time passed quickly talking to him, which was great!

They only let a few people in at a time (ugh, I hate that)
so by the time I got in at #15, a lot of the stuff I had been hoping to nab was already spoken for. 

I saw this cool metal thing in a dark corner and was intrigued by it, so I thought 
why not?
It had rubber suction cups on the legs, and I realized it was one of those car carrier tops from probably the 1960's.
Coming from a mortuary, all I could think of was the movie, "Vacation"
where they strap the deceased grandma to the top of the car, and hoped that was not the case with this piece!! 

ha ha!

I brought it home with good intentions and then it sat in the barn for a year.
This past fall, I decided to finally try and do something with a few orphaned projects, and this was one of them.

I got some pine boards, cut them 2 inches longer than the car carrier, and then added two 
1 x 2's on the underside.
I cut these to fit snugly inside the car carrier so that it wouldn't shift around, and be able to nail / plank the boards together.
The top is meant to be removable so that if you wanted to use the interior for storage, you can.
Once that was done, I stained the top in a rich medium tone stain.

This was such a fun industrial piece that I decided to add some wheels to the legs as well.

I was so happy with how this turned out!
It sold recently and I am hoping the new owner will enjoy this unique piece.

As for the mortuary....
unfortunately, the building has since been demolished
to make way for....

wait for it....

a Starbucks.

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