cottage rustic family room- some updates

My heart is so happy these days!
We are finally settling into our new home, and getting a lot of fun projects done.

2016 was a very full year for our family and it never quite felt like we got to do all the fun things that come with moving into a new home.

We took care of several (not fun), expensive fixes on our new house just to get things the way they needed to be.  
My trip to France was a huge highlight, but also took a lot of extra money and focus to do that in the same year.
So it really feels exciting to finally do some fun things!

One area that I have been itching to get started on is our family room.  
It was one of the first rooms I saw when we first looked at the house, and the area I first fell in love with.

A couple weeks ago, I found some fern botanical prints that were exactly what I was envisioning here.  
They were free printables from The Painted Hive, and only cost me a couple dollars to print.  As I was planning out the art, I also started to realize that a shiplap wall would look great behind the fern prints!  Jon was away on an overnight business trip, and I was able to install it and paint it before he got home.
I'll offer some more details on how I did it soon.

Here you can see the before photos of the family room that I took during our inspection:

The room was pretty dark with beige paint and wood trim.  
This past summer I gave everything a coat of white paint to help it feel lighter and airier.
The room has unfinished concrete floors, and it is funny to me how many people say they love it.  
I am dying to get some real flooring in here, but I'm glad it maybe doesn't look as bad to others as it does to me!

The industrial sconces were something I added in last year - they are from World Market, and we really like them.  I added in some wood strips behind the sconces just for an added effect / layer and I'm really happy with that.

The fern prints are framed in glass frameless frames that I picked up from JoAnn's.
They were 50% off, so that was a nice bonus!  
All in, the artwork cost me only around $22.  

I feel like I've gotten the bones of the room fleshed out, and I will keep tweaking and fluffing the rest of the space as I can.  The pillows are something I'm working on- they're a bit blah for me at the moment, but I'll keep my eyes open for some options.

Finding the right side table has been tricky too.  I really love the vintage locker bench that I found last year from another dealer, but I'm not 100% sold that this is the best option here.  
I think adding a lamp would help.  

For the opposite wall over the couch, I didn't want something too heavy or competing too much with the botanical prints, so I kept it pretty neutral but with lots of texture and interest to balance everything.  I'm sure it will get tweaked in the future as well.

One of my best finds this year was this coffee table!  
It was $7.99 at a local thrift shop, and I had planned to sell it, but realized it fit perfectly in here, so gave it a little makeover and love it!
I sanded the top and oiled with hemp oil- it turned the pine a bit orange, so I think I will try and adjust that, but it's an easy fix.

I love that this room has sliding barn doors. The previous owner made these from the garage doors of our house.  A smart feature that he did with all of the doors in the basement was to keep windows in  doors anywhere a room has natural light coming in.  
It keeps the basement from being too dark.

I love the leather chairs in here.  
The one on the left we bought from a dealer friend, and the one on the right I bought at a sale for $20!
It's perfectly imperfect, and has the right amount of patina.

One of my goals this year is to add some curtains in here for some privacy in the evenings.

And the fireplace....
My absolute favorite thing about this house.
I love all the wonky bricks, the little niche....

I finally found a cute vintage fireplace screen from yes, you guessed it, another dealer friend.
He always has a lot of great salvage pieces, and I thought it was a great deal for $25.
Super heavy wrought iron.  It was pretty rusty, but after a good cleaning, I sprayed it with a high heat black spray paint and it looks brand new.

I also added in some shelves this past fall.  
Shelf styling does not come easy for me, but it's good practice, and I think as I find some fun accessories, this will look more finished and the way I want.
With all the light and bright, the TV console with get hit with some color soon.
Maybe a pretty spring green to tie in to everything.

We have SO much happening right now, and I'm excited to post some more updates on the house soon!
Thanks for your visit!

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