Vintage gray desk and an industrial chair

I'm finally back into a regular routine, post-Christmas and my first vintage market of the year.

I worked on several furniture projects leading up to Rebel Junk, and this was one of them.
I found this cute little table a few years ago and had been using it in my studio.  Since moving and figuring out what goes where and what is needed, this one made the cut.

It's really solid, and in pretty good shape, but the original finish was a dark, badly done faux bois.
I had planned to sand it back to the raw wood and maybe bleach it, but the finish was very stubborn, and I knew the amount of work I would have to put into it would not be worth it in the end.

I used Miss Mustard Seed's Schloss, and left the original brass pull on it.

Because the original paint was pretty old, it left a wonderful crackly finish once the new color dried.

So fabulous.

I staged it with a lot of similar or actual items I planned on bringing with me to the market.

One of my favorite finds that went with the desk was this industrial office chair.

The style was so cool, and I paired it with a tribal pillow I had found at another recent sale.
It's a super comfy chair and went home with a friend of mine who plans to stage it for an upcoming show at Monticello's Antiques in Portland.

The desk is still available, and you can message me if you'd like more info on it.

I'll be back soon with another furniture makeover and a recap of Rebel Junk vintage market!

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