Shabby white curio cabinet and my best source for faux roses

Do you ever have those projects that in your mind, you can't wait to tackle, but your procrastination takes over?

That's what this cabinet was for me.
I got a great deal on it- actually I got a great deal on two of these- and got the first one done several months ago.  

It didn't take long for me to sell it, although I had hoped to keep it for a bit as a locked case for smaller items at Aunt Bee's House.

There's so much detail, it really does take some time to paint.

With the unusual amount of snow we've gotten this year, it was time to finally tackle it.

One way that I save some money on the Annie Sloan chalk paint ($38.95 / quart) is to do my first coat in Kilz primer.  
I know... Annie Sloan is known as the paint that you don't have to do any prep work to (including primer) but it saves me some paint cost to start out with primer.
This cabinet was done in Pure White.

This turned out just beautifully, and I sanded back some of the edges to highlight all the ornate carving.

It has a mirrored back, and should have come with some glass shelving, but it was missing, so I will be going to my local glass company to add one or two shelves for this.

Also, it came with a dark green velvet base at the bottom of the cabinet. 
To give it a more shabby look, I added in some fabric from Rachel Ashwell that I had in my stash.  
It definitely gives it a more feminine, cohesive look.

For the styling, I used some of my favorite faux roses.  
They look pretty real, don't they?

I'm a 50/50 girl- I love using real flowers and plants when I can, but sometimes cost and feasibility of location prevents that.
So I try and get the best looking ones that I can.
These ones came from Michael's 
Craft Stores, and they are my favorite.

When people have to feel them to decide if they are real or not, you know it's a pretty good replica!
They don't fray on the edges of the petals like some faux flowers, and the gradation of color makes it pretty foolproof too.

When we have some decent weather, I will be delivering this to my booth space.
Lots of projects going on before my next show in Portland!
February 3 & 4- Rebel Junk Market!

**I was not compensated in any way for product by any retailers.  All opinions are my own.

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