Sandwich board sign out of an old window frame DIY

This was a fun project that I've been wanting to do for awhile!
I hope to do a post on developing your "look" for shows, so this will be the appetizer version for now.

This all started with a truckload of old window frames I got a couple summers ago from a friend who was doing some construction on an old house.  He texted me and asked if I wanted any?
Of course!

The majority sold a long time ago, but of course, I have a few single pane pieces leftover that never sold, or that I specifically put aside for projects that never got started.

I want my show space to be reminiscent of a small English boutique, and whenever I see photos of them, there's always a cute little sandwich board-style sign out front.

So I decided to make my own with a repurposed and vintage spin on it.

First off, I started with two same size, single pane window frames.
These are the kind that have "feet" on them- I'm not exactly sure how they worked mechanically in the window, but who cares?  
It's cute for me now!

I laid the window over my garbage can and had fun whacking all the glass out with a hammer.
*with safety glasses and gloves on*

I made sure all the sharp bits were out of the framing.
Some needle nose pliers help pull out any stuck bits of glass.

I did a quick scrub with soap and water to remove all the algae and dirt.
Once it was dry, I added a light coat of chalk paint over the original paint.  This helped to clean up the look just a bit.  I wanted a true white frame to go with my logo.  
It still looks old and chippy, but not sad and falling apart.

I used a 1/4" sheet of plywood and cut it to overlap what would be the inside of the frame.
(Just enough to add glue to the edge. )  
Before glueing it to the frame, I applied two coats of black paint.
Once it was dry, I stenciled my logo on to the center of the plywood.

I use a white graphite paper to transfer the logo to the surface.
You can usually find it at art supply stores.
I took in a printed copy my logo to the copy shop told them how big I needed it for my sign, and they printed it out for me in a size that would fill up the center.
(don't forget to allow margins for your frame!)

Using white acrylic paint, I painted the logo.
After it was completely dry, a light sanding to the lettering for an aged look.

I used a thin coat of glue around the edge, and applied the plywood to my window frame.  
To help weigh it down and adhere to the window frame, I put some heavy anchors (gallon water jugs) to help the glue set securely.
Once it had dried overnight, I added two hinges to the top of the window frame.

I bought a length of thin chain from my local Ace Hardware (about 10" x2 ) and screwed it in to the sides of the frames, and voila...

my new vintage window sandwich board sign.

I think it adds a unique look for my markets and it's easy to store and take with me.

What do you think?
 Does this sound like an easy project to try?

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