rustic industrial coffee table

About a year ago, I had a rare opportunity.

I went to an estate sale at a funeral home.

It might sound kinda creepy, but there were a LOT of great antiques at this sale, and how many times can you say you got to shop a funeral home??

One piece I picked up was a coffin cart.  
There were several at the sale- all different types- from very rustic, to more modern (1960's era?) types.  

I was lucky to get one of the more rustic coffin carts, but it was missing the original wheels.
I figured I could probably replace those easy enough, so I bought it.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember the one item I really wanted from the sale was a sign that was attached to the exterior of the building.
I had always admired it, and with a bit of shameless begging, I actually got it!
You can see the photo here

It looks great on our barn!

Anyway, the table I brought home was a great piece, and I sold it last year as a rustic industrial coffee table.  
I attached a note to the sales tag explaining the history of the piece and what it was.

The funeral home has been a part of my city since the late 1800's.
The lady who bought the table was so excited!

I really loved that piece, and decided to make a replica to sell, and just see how it goes.
We're trying to make more of my income a part of our livelihood, and Jon and I thought it might be fun to collaborate on a few ideas I've had recently.

In fact, in staging it for photos, we'll be making another one for us and our living room, very soon!  
This one will be going with me to Rebel Junk in February, and we'll see how it does there.  
I'd also like to try one at Aunt Bee's House and see if it does well there too.

It was super fun working on a project with Jon.  
We're hoping to do a few more handmade furniture pieces this year, so we'll see how things go!

Bella always loves to be in on the fun too.

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