Rustic farmhouse desk

Karma has worked in my favor recently.
Late fall, I had a string of very disappointing outings for sales- mostly a bunch of wild goose chases that yielded zero.

Because some of these sales are several miles away, it really stinks when I waste the time and don't get anything in return.

So when I finally got to a sale that had a TON of great stuff, great prices, it's like one of those awesome dreams where you're shopping and you just keep getting tons of cool stuff and you can't believe it!!
And the best part?  
I didn't wake up from the dream because it was real!

This was a mother lode sale.
The truck was absolutely full, and my family had decided to go with me so it was just the best day ever.  
It's in one of my favorite rural areas too, so it was a beautiful drive to a fun little farmhouse.

This cute little desk was from that sale.

It originally had laminate on it.  
I peeled it off and sanded off all the paint and glue, revealing a beautiful rustic, wood top.

The drawer has a nice compartmentalized section.  
There were some pretty fun / interesting things in here!
The best item was a pair of vintage sunglasses.  
We kept them- Hannah tried them out and they are pretty cute on.
Almost like vintage Ray Ban's but they're not.
She declined modeling them for you.

The original paint on the base just got a good cleaning, but that's it.
I love the color, and bonus- there were 2 matching chairs at this sale.
They have such beautiful, worn patina.

This will be coming with me to Rebel Junk Vintage Market in Portland in just a couple weeks.
 I also have several botanical prints that will be available at the sale- some floral, and some agricultural.

 You can also find the vintage ledger and small crock pictured in this post at the market!

If you'd like more info on tickets, dates, and times, you can click here for more details.

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  1. Fab find!!!! I love how you found matching chairs... very hard to do!


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