vintage rustic Christmas house tour - part 2

So here we are back for part 2 of our home this Christmas!
Can I be perfectly honest here before we get started?
This was a really hard area to photograph.  It's our basement, and you may or may not be able to tell, but it was a cloudy wintery day and so the lighting is not ideal.  It was about as good as I could hope for, so there's excuse #1.
#2 is I am not overly thrilled with how this came together.  It is our first year in our new home, and so figuring out the decor and what I want this to look like will take time.  The Old Me would have started editing this, and then been so disappointed with the end result that I would have scrapped it and said maybe next year.
The New Me is saying, let's see how things evolve over the years, and these will make for some great "before" pics down the road! 
Christmas is expensive, and while I add a few new things every year to our decor, I'd rather spend our money on gifts instead of what I think is pretty.

I just love our fireplace in this room.  
It's very dramatic, and I hope to add more greenery to it next year.    
One goal is to add some curtains in here that can be used in the evenings.

I searched for some affordable fern prints, but couldn't find exactly what I wanted, so I made these specimen foliage artwork with some oversize color copies and wood trim.  They were about $10 a piece, and works for now to add a little coziness in here.  
I'm still deciding on what to do on the other wall.
The cute farm truck pillow was made by Jill of Sew a Fine Seam.  
It's so adorable!

Our kitchenette area has our big dining room table that we had in our last house.  
I'm so glad it works in our new house.
We've used it for parties here, and it works as a great work table for me and projects I have for work.
In other words, it doesn't usually look this neat and tidy!
I love the sliding barn doors in here.

Our little snow village is also in here.
I'm looking forward to doing more styling in our industrial cubbies and making or finding a great sign for the blank wall on the right.

I love that we have a little kitchenette in here too.  
I'm not a huge fan of the knotty pine, and I am hoping to add some paint to these in 2017.
The sink has been a great spot to clean my art brushes for smaller projects.

Remember the vintage desk I posted about in October? 
The one that went to Junk Bonanza?
I was secretly hoping it wouldn't sell because I was falling in love with it.  
I swapped it out with a smaller desk that we had here and it is just perfect.

Thanks for visiting me in our new home for our first Christmas.
I'm looking forward to seeing how it all evolves in the future!


  1. The fireplace is sweet ... so unique and a great focal point! Love the way you have decorated it and the space gives so many options for any future changes you might want. And I love love those leather chairs!!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm looking forward to tweaking some things in here and seeing how it all comes together! The leather chairs are super comfy :)


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