vintage rustic Christmas house tour- part 1

Welcome to our new home this Christmas.  
It's been a while since I last posted, and we've updated a lot of areas you may not have seen yet.


We have so looked forward to our new little cottage at Christmas time.  
Jon kept talking about how fun this house would be during the holidays, and it has been very exciting to look forward to!

With everything that has gone on in 2016, I didn't really think too much about how I would decorate this year- I couldn't even remember what all I had, or what I would want, even though I made a list of some things last year.
when we were in our old house, but in escrow on this one)
Now that I've had a chance to put some things out, I know a little better what I would already like for next year!

One thing that I've really missed in this house is not having a mantel.  And we have TWO fireplaces!! Not one mantel!!
It's already in the works for this one here, but in the meantime, I got creative and used a garland and some command hooks for a mantel this year.  I like it, and it works for us now.

I bought the weathered wood deer head this year at Monticello Antiques Christmas Show.
Everything else I've used before in our Christmas decor.

I added more paper white bulbs to our decor this year.  
With our new big property, it's been fun to see all the pretty green moss and be able to use it in fun ways.

If you've followed my blog, you know that in our last house, we had huge ceilings, and never had to worry about the height of our tree which was super fun, and we always took advantage of.
Last year, our beloved tree farm closed.
I thought I was going to cry when they announced it.  It was such a tradition for our family, gorgeous trees for $30 (any size) and an event we looked forward to every year.
So with a new chapter in a new home, it was also a new tree size and new tree farm.

It was actually really nice to have half the size we've been used to!  I had a few ornaments and garlands I didn't need to use on the tree, so they are waiting in the wings or being used else where.
Like these:

I had some very large mercury glass ornaments that were perfect for an XL tree, but wouldn't work here, so I put them in a basket with some greens and twinkle lights and enjoy them near the entry way.

Our piano has a new friend this year.

I bought the vintage rocking horse from a vendor at Aunt Bee's House.  
It was a gift to myself after The Farmhouse Show.  
I usually buy myself one "treat" after a big show.

I love this little area of our dining room.

I didn't do a lot in here, but it's always interesting getting a new perspective when you do photography in your own home.  
Next year I want to fill up the white basin with paper whites instead of the fern.

One of my favorite treasures that I brought home from France this year was the Pere Noel chocolate mold.  I knew right away I wanted to keep it.  
Ok, maybe for a second I considered selling it, but not for long.  I bought it from a toothless Frenchman in a long dark coat and hat.  We negotiated the price on a pad of paper and pencil.

I love the painting my dad did for us, but I think next year I will add in some temporary artwork that fits with the season.  

One special tradition we have here is gingerbread cake on Bring the Tree Home Day.
I don't do anything fancy because there's already a lot going on.  Just a box mix and some home made whipping cream.  This year, we were watching the Great American Baking Show (a spinoff from our other favorite BBC version) and they had done a competition on bundts. I was inspired to step up my cake game and do our tradition in fancy mini bundt molds.
A light dusting of powdered sugar on the cakes, and some cinnamon on the whipped cream.
So yummy.

On to the kitchen.

I haven't even showed you the drastic makeover we started in our kitchen!!
I've been working on painting our cabinets since the end of August.

Besides some touch up work, I have a section to do (not seen here- ha!) that is our pantry / computer area that still needs to be completely done.
We ( I ) also want to replace the slate tile backsplash with white subway tile and a concrete tile stove back splash.  

The biggest next project will be a new kitchen island.  As much as I love our new house, this is my least favorite feature.  It's a bit too contemporary for my taste, and I affectionately call it The Triangle.
If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the incredible vintage shop counter I found earlier this year.  
My goal after the holidays is to get it refinished and ready to move in.  
It will be no small feat though removing the existing island. 

I just love this bench area.  
We love having our morning coffee here, reading books, having friends hang out here with a glass of wine while the party starts.  
It's so fun!
I have a friend working on making a French tufted cushion for me.  
I can't wait to get that in here!

That's all for today!
We have the basement decorated too, but the light was too low on our first snow day for me to get good photos, so hopefully soon the weather will cooperate and I can show you part 2 to our Christmas home tour!

Thanks so much for your visit.  
See you soon.


  1. Very nice as always, can't wait to see the rest.

  2. Thanks Tracy! Hopefully we'll have some sunny weather soon so I can photograph the rest! ;)


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