A look back at 2016

It's that time of year again.  
We all start reflecting on the year that is coming to a close, and wondering why it went by so fast and remembering how we filled it.

2016 was jam packed with so many huge things for me- sometimes I forget everything that happened just one year!
  It feels much longer than just the past 12 months!

Let's start with the two biggest things that kicked off 2016:

I rebranded my business, and we bought a house!

Pretty major!

I am absolutely loving my new image and direction with my business.
I took a lot of time to consider all the ramifications of changing everything, but once I knew what I wanted, it was hard to look back or wait.
It feels so much more like 'me' and so does our new house.

We shed a lot of tears the night we left our house on Conner street.
I really thought I would have feelings about it long after we'd moved, but surprisingly, we haven't!
We still see neighbors in our old neighborhood, but I don't feel the sadness of all the memories left there like I thought I would.
We just love our new home.

As you can see from the first photo of our house, and the one taken in July, we did some editing with overgrown shrubs.
We plan on tackling more of that this year and some other curb appeal items.

The next big thing that happened in 2016 was the trip that changed my life.

In May, I went on a trip to France with Heather Bullard for a week long course on photography and styling.

There is so much I took away from that trip.

Trying to put it into words will never do it justice.
It was truly the trip of a lifetime, and a time of self reflection and learning.

Not just learning about photography and styling- although I learned more in 10 minutes with Heather than I did in the last few years of stumbling along on my own... but also finding out a bit more about myself and what I am capable of.
I am forever grateful for the opportunity to go.

(P.S. Heather is doing another trip in June 2017- check out her website for details and sign up availability!)

Bedsides the life altering events of 2016, I also did a lot of what I usually do- projects on furniture and a few vintage markets.
Everything was so crazy jam packed, I barely had the time to shoot even a fraction of what I worked on this year, so I don't even have some of my favorites to share, but here's a few:

bleached farmhouse table

chippy white secretary
industrial island
I participated in more vintage markets than I have in any previous year.
I plan on scaling back just a bit for 2017, but it was - as always- a good learning experience on what works for me and what doesn't!

clockwise from top left:
Rebel Junk, Blackberry Junction, Farmhouse Show spring, Farmhouse Show Spring
Not pictured, but still participated in: Junk Bonanza, and Farmhouse Show Fall edition

I had hoped I would be able to post lots on our new house, but as you can see, there was so much crammed in to this year, that it was just not feasible.
I say it every year, and every year I hope I'll be better, but I guess it's better to do what I can and not be disappointed that it wasn't more than I hoped for.

Thank you for your support this year, and always.
At times, I feel overwhelmed by all I want to do and all there is to do.
I hope my determination will pay off in little and big ways.
Thanks for joining me on my journey, and the joy you bring to what I do.

I wish you blessings and peace in 2017!

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