our cottage fall porch

It's been fun to look forward to decorating a new home, especially as the holidays approach.  
One thing that we have been looking forward to with this house is the holidays.  
It is so charming- and with the barn, and Christmas, we are getting excited for new memories here.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves....
Fall has just arrived, and I finally took some time to decorate. 

I don't ever do a ton of indoor fall decor.  
I really like to focus on my porch because it is low maintenance and easy for me to do when this time of year gets busy.

 Over the years I've figured out what I like for outdoor fall decor, and even though mums are really pretty initially, they never seem to hold up well once it gets rainy.  

Instead, I focus on lots of pumpkins, the natural beauty of the oak and maple leaves that we have in abundance on our property, and garden urns or planters that are classic, filled with fall color or greenery.

When we were buying our home, I was so curious as to what the purpose of the little niche was next to the front door.
The homeowner told us that the bottom section is for umbrellas, and the top shelf was for delivery packages.
Imagine me with the heart eyes hearing this. 
Another charming feature on older homes that you just don't see anymore!
A cute little pumpkin is the package for now.

Kale holds up really well through fall and I plopped it into a galvanized pail for charm.

It's easier to add more to your fall decor by using these cute little princess pumpkins as filler.
I got all of our pumpkins at Trader Joes, and it was pretty affordable.  
I may pick up some more the next time I'm there!

Bella was very curious about all the new stuff on the steps, so of course she needed her own spotlight.

We have several oak trees on our property, so leaf raking is a full time job.  
It's so peaceful and pretty though, it's hard to complain.  I love to rake leaves!

Thanks for stopping by to visit!
We are busy doing lots of other projects I hope to share soon.
I have two upcoming vintage markets- Junk Bonanza and The Farmhouse Show, so my focus is mostly there right now, and I'm trying to round up some projects to share what will be there.
You can see more details on my FB page or Instagram.


  1. I love your home, Denise...from the outside I can tell it has alot of sweet character! Great porch decor!

  2. Love your outdoor decor & your package nook!


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