dining room decor and trying to make it all work

One thing I told myself when I rebranded, was that this was a fresh start and I wasn't going to be afraid any more.  

It's hard to see so many beautiful homes all over social media, blogs, Pinterest, and feel like you are measuring up, doesn't it?

Last night I went to bed feeling completely overwhelmed.
Mostly, by all the things you are supposed to have 'nailed down' in this industry.
A perfectly decorated home days after you've moved in; impeccable photography after a few short months with a DSLR camera and fancy editing program; 
a perfectly styled and curated shop space every single day of the week; social media accounts growing by the thousands on a daily basis.
You know what all that adds up to?

Feelings of not good enough.

I struggle a lot with this. 
It's hard to see so much hero worship over decorating.

I've been doing some hard thinking and talking with my husband about goals I have and the direction I want to go.
I've been trying to focus on my own plan, and where I want to be realistically.

I think there's added pressure for me right now with college on the horizon and really needing to make sure everything is sailing through with finances heading into that chapter of life.

So what in the world does this have to do with our dining room?
It's me sharing where I'm at now.
The process of how I do what I enjoy.

I really let go of blogging and sharing ideas because of not feeling good enough.  
Not having a "perfect" room to show you with loads of creative new ideas to share that are Pin Worthy and will create a viral social media post.

For me, I just want to learn how to love my home more, and what I really enjoy is decorating and finding vintage pieces to sell for my business, and sharing it here on the blog.
 Contentment in the process, in real life time.  
(...which might mean months instead of days.)

It's hard for me to juggle a great photo shoot when I have a hole in my shop space that needs to be filled, or an upcoming show that has projects that need to be finished.

Rebranding has truly been like starting over.

And that's great in a lot of ways, but also very expensive!  
Add in to that factor, my trip to France- so the momentum that I had is really gone, and I'm back at square one in many ways!

I really love home and all the parts that fill it.
So that's my goal.  
Just to share how our house is transforming into a functional space we enjoy; and the pieces that I find that reflect my brand.

And I'm going to enjoy the process of learning to be a better photographer.
I know that it won't be perfect, but it's part of growth.

I'm amazed by the talent and the creativity by other women out there, so I don't want this to sound like sour grapes- I truly am inspired by all the great ideas out there, but there are times where it all comes crashing down around me and I feel overwhelmed to be so much more than I am.  

What really inspires me are the women who grow into who they are meant to be, doing what they do best in God's timing.  A perfect example is Joanna Gaines.  I love how her little blog about home and family has grown into what it is today- all at the right time.  I'm so glad I got to see the beginnings of her blog and career before the new amazing website went up.
I don't ever strive to follow in her footsteps, but I know that God's timing and His plans for me will be at the right time, whatever that is.

 We all have our own goals, our own pace to life, different income levels to do what we do.
If you like the stuff I do, great!
I just need to not be so focused on all the shortcomings and be ok with where I'm at while I'm there.
 I'm trying to just breathe.
And just be me!

Thanks for letting me be honest today.
Have a great week.

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  1. it can be a struggle I agree--I have decided I just do what I want when I want and its okay! I do blogging/IG for fun and thats it. It is not a business for me and I don't make $$ so fun it will be !

    1. Thanks Darrielle! :) I always appreciate your comments and blog / IG feed! xo

  2. Denise, all of us out here that love our homes feel like you do. i sooo appreciate your words and you openess makes me love you more! of course you under estimate your greatness, we all do. i love your booth, new home and will stop by and see you at molly moes! today, thanks for keeping it real! i let go of perfectionism and trust all is well! lynn...shabbyfarmlife

    1. Thank you Lynn! xo Sometimes it's a day by day process of being kind to myself and ok with the process. See you soon~

  3. Denise, all of us out here that love our homes feel like you do. i sooo appreciate your words and you openess makes me love you more! of course you under estimate your greatness, we all do. i love your booth, new home and will stop by and see you at molly moes! today, thanks for keeping it real! i let go of perfectionism and trust all is well! lynn...shabbyfarmlife

  4. I love your rebranding. You have a beautiful home and you take great photos. I've been at this blogging thing for 8 years, and I know good when I see it!

    1. Oh, thank you so much Brenda! you made my day :) Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate it!

  5. Beautiful! It truly is God's timing. I would love to blog and share my cute bungalow, all my vintage pieces, thoughts in my head, etc however I work a pretty demanding job and know that I would be frustrated wanting the blog to be perfect and not having the time for it so I chose to drool over others - you home and decorating are to die for.......but at the end of the day you have to be true to yourself! Great blog and oh that dining room table and chairs! Love! Be blessed.

    1. Thank you so much Susan!! Yes, the time involved for blogging is definitely a lot of work, but I am just trying to let go of the mountain of expectation on myself and enjoy it in the moment for now. Thanks so much for your kind words. xo

  6. Thankfully, I don't sweat it if I don't have a good camera, I do the best I can with what I have. I don't try to turn my blog into a business, and am glad I don't have to. I've done this for a long time, but don't have any notoriety from it, and that's fine with me. I admire those who are able to make a living from their blogs, but don't strive to be like them. My taste in decor is not theirs, nor theirs mine, so all is well. I enjoy the blogs, and am inspired and get ideas from them, but I keep it fun. It's just a hobby, and I appreciate the visits and comments I get, but numbers don't mean so much to me. I've just found you, and am now following. I love your style, and the sweet home you have. Take care, and enjoy what you do!

    1. Thanks so much Kathy for your perspective. I need to have more of this attitude ;) I really appreciate you taking the time to comment xoxo

  7. Hi Denise, Don't worry you got this! Your shelves are stunning the prettiest I have seen and I see allot. Your home is gorgeous with all your decorative tidbits and chippy pieces. I find that there are so many different kinds of blogs..some that have stuff they do themselves and some that buy from catalogues and simply show their décor skills. All is good don't feel intimidated because their is an online audience for all of us. Just keep doing what your doing and feel good about it, its all nice that you do. I see Brenda has commented a wonderful comment ...see she knows what she is talking about I consider her someone to look up to in the blog world. Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

    1. Thanks so much Lisa :) Your words are so true, and I need to remember that more often. Thank you so much for commenting, it means a lot! xo


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