The Farmhouse Show spring edition 2016

I can't believe I have 3 shows under my belt for this year already! 

The Farmhouse Show was a month ago, and it was awesome.
It was so fun to see this event grow even more, and as always, the customers are a blast.
You guys cleared me out by take down!
There were only 4 pieces of furniture to take home and a few smalls, so take down was relatively easy.
It was kinda fast and crazy taking snap shots of my booth because I also volunteered this year to take photos for the show's Facebook page, so I was racing around at the last minute to get as much as I could before the flood of customers.
I'm really trying to take more photos with my DSLR this year, so I didn't rely on my iPhone like I normally do at shows.

Unfortunately, because I was in a hurry, the first few shots were not awesome. There is so much last minute running around, and with it being indoors, I didn't get my settings adjusted until I was half way done.

I've also been struggling this year with how my spaces have looked at shows.
With rebranding this year, and trying to figure out what image I'm wanting to have that is consistent, put together well, and easy for set up / take down, it's felt a little miss mashed.

I'm refining more of my product with each show, and trying to really focus on what sells well, but has a good overall look and flow.

My goal moving forward, is to have vignettes that make sense in a natural home setting.

When I added in my black and white awnings a couple years ago, it stemmed from the idea of what I would want my brick and mortar shop to look like if I had one.

Now, I want to focus on the interior of my booth and how to make it flexible for markets but still look like the shop space that I would have if it were permanent.

It's a ton of work hauling in furniture and all the bins that make up the inventory, so having "walls" that are easy to set up and don't take up a ton of storage or muscle in and out each time is the challenge.

I'm so glad this show went so well, because I was relying on whatever I made as my spending money for France.

I love vintage garden gnomes....I ended up keeping one them!
 With our fun park-like backyard, it's been fun to hide them in the ferns and around the trees.

There were so many great booths, and here is a peek at just a few - you can see more in the next couple weeks on the Farmhouse Show Facebook page:

So much fun!
I can't wait for the fall show in late October!

I'll be back in a couple days to share my trip to France.

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  1. Love every bit of your displays! have a wonderful time in France Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' salty Air


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