my first liming wax project and a French sign

Lately, I've kind of become obsessed with limed wood.
I just love the patina it gives to vintage wood- whether it's French Oak limed floors, or 
older pieces of furniture that look timeless.

I found this great antique dresser a couple weeks ago for a great deal, and considered painting the body and leaving the top natural.  
I didn't realize until I got it home that it is birds eye maple!

As the wheels started turning, I remembered that I had grabbed a tin of Amy Howard's Liming Wax a few months ago in the hopes that I would have something to try it out on.

And then I knew this was exactly what this piece needed.  The beautiful wood would still shine through and it would look beautiful and French with some liming wax highlighting it.

Anything with wheels just steals my heart.

The process was super easy, and now that I have done it once, I can go into my next liming wax project with a little more confidence. 
Initially, I gave the dresser a light sanding just to get the finish off.  I wasn't super thorough, partly because I am lazy and didn't want to get into all the nooks and crannies on this, and partly because I wanted to see the difference of how the wax would react on raw wood vs. varnished wood.

Honestly, I'm not sure sanding this piece was totally necessary, because the wax seemed to work just fine either way.

Isn't it yummy?

The wax was more pasty than the Miss Mustard Seed wax that I am used to, so it took me a little bit to get the brush loaded up, but the results were obvious right away. I had done a little reading up on how to use the liming wax, and honestly, the process scared me a bit- using a wire brush to open up the wood, etc.  
For this project, I am so glad I didn't do that.  The piece was old enough and the wood seemed to receive the wax just fine without having to go to that length.  If you were working on a newer piece of furniture, that might be necessary, but with this, just a light sand and working the wax into the wood was just fine.
I used my electric waxing buffer (I bought mine at Harbor Freight tools- a huge lifesaver on labor!) and it now has a buttery finish.  

When buffing out the liming wax, you can put a little more muscle into it if you want to tone down the whiteness, but it would take a lot of muscle to really take it off down to the original wood tone.

I feel like that's the biggest difference to using a white wax.  
When I've used white wax before on projects, you can really knock it down quite a bit with just a little bit of work with a rag.

I'm so happy with how this turned out.  
It has a nice European flair to it, and I couldn't resist pairing it with a French 'apartment for rent' sign that I painted.

Did you know that I leave for France in a week??!!
It was fun to think about while I worked on both of these projects.
I love replicating vintage signs on old pieces of found wood.  This was painted on an old chippy cupboard door that I've had in my stash for a while.

I am so excited to see the real thing in person soon.  I'm really hoping I can find some authentic French signs to bring home.  I'll have to do a post on my trip before I leave.

I also have to highlight a fun surprise with this dresser....

When I started pulling the drawers out to work on it, something caught my eye on the underside of one of the larger drawers.

Some tattered papers depicting (I think?) a Madonna and child, and the crucifixion.
(see the body of Christ just to the left?)
I'm not sure why exactly its on the underside of the drawer, unless it was repaired at some point and they had a scrap piece that this was glued to.
Either way, I don't really care- it just adds to the charm and romance of this piece.
This is available now at The Farmhouse Show.  If it doesn't sell this weekend, I'll be dropping it off at Aunt Bee's House sometime next week before I leave.

I hope you are having a great week!

I'm off to squeeze in some yoga and go refresh my space at The Farmhouse Show.
Come visit anytime - open 10 - 6 today and tomorrow, 10-4 on Saturday!

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  1. Hi Denise!
    It looks great! Did you change the name of your blog? I'm so behind the time!! LOL
    Have fun on your trip!!

    1. Hi Marcy! :) thank you! Yes, I rebranded just after we moved to our new house. So it's only been since the beginning of February ;) Thank you, I'm so excited for my first international trip!

  2. I've been meaning to try liming a cabinet too. This has given me inspiration! It turned out beautifully!
    Hugs, Jamie

    1. Thanks Jamie! I'm hoping to try it again soon! I hope you get to try it out- it's awesome! xo Denise


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