our cottage master retreat- the beginning stage

We are just having so much fun settling in and living in our new home!!
Last night we enjoyed a warm summer-like evening in our yard, and it was fabulous.  
It really is like living in a park.  
You can see the photo I posted on Instagram here.

One of the first rooms we tackled was our master bedroom.  

Yes, I do realized that our curtain rod is wonky- it's half done and bugging me, but it's slipped to the bottom of the priority list right now.

Kitchens, baths, bedrooms and laundry rooms seem to be the spaces you want unpacked and functioning first.
Am I right?

In a previous post I shared our hard wood floor project, and now I'm sharing what our room is looking like as it's beginning to come together.

This room feels great and very much like a nest in a perch.  
Our bedroom and "walk in closet" - the second bedroom up here that we are hoping to convert to a master bath down the road- are the only rooms on the 3rd floor.
It's private and has great views.

We're really only up here to sleep and dress, so with that in mind, I want to keep it simple, and relaxed.  Most of our time in our home so far is spent on the main level, or outside.

The ceilings are pretty low in here, so we faced some challenges right away.  
There's also a narrow staircase that leads up to the bedroom, which presented it's own problems getting our mattress up stairs.
The first 3 weeks living here, we were either sleeping on a mattress in the living room, or on the floor of the 2nd upstairs bedroom while we worked on refinishing the hardwoods.
Because of these challenges, we opted for a foam mattress that was rolled up like a taco to get it upstairs.  We also had to purchase a queen split box spring to fit up the stairs for our new mattress.  It was a great solution but one of those surprise expenses with moving that no one was planning on.

Since the ceilings are only 7 feet tall, the bed my dad made for us that we have used for the last 23+ years, wasn't an option.  
I was very sad, but knew that it would look like the elephant in the room if we tried.

We purchased an upholstered headboard from Wayfair, and it has been great.  Very comfy since we both like to read.  Because of the room's sloped ceilings, we decided to put it in front of the window.
When we were looking at headboards we tried opted for one that wasn't super tall, so we were only covering up the lower half of the window.  
We still get great light in here and it adds a bit of privacy as well.
The semi sheer curtains are from Ikea, and add a bit of texture.  I have plans to add another layer behind it because the window gets all the morning light and will be super bright in the next few months.

I found a great cottage style cotton rug from Dash and Albert, and I just love it! It adds a nice bit of texture to the room.

I found a gorgeous antique pine dresser at an estate sale (and spent a bundle on it) but knew it would be perfect as my bedside table.  Jon is using a small vintage desk- it's a piece I can't bear to part with, and it works for now, but I am still looking for something that is closer to what I have.  

It was time to replace our lamps, and I fell in love with these vintage looking industrial style lamps from Ikea.  The black and white cord got me.
They are fabulous, and we love the little button on the base to turn it on and off. 

The other new to me piece in here is the aqua tufted velvet chair.  
I found it at a thrift shop for $30.  
I paid $85 to get it professionally cleaned, and now it is a comfy spot to put on socks and shoes.  
I love the shabby look it still has.

Our little alcove is so cute and a space I'm not entirely sure how to use yet, but for now, I love the built in dressers, and I'm using the secretary as a spot to house all my jewelry.  I'll give it more attention after I get back from France.
I'm thinking a flokati rug and a round tufted ottoman for a comfy, luxurious dressing area. 

I'm wanting to swap out the original bakelite handles for a cottage style pull.  
I'll add a little curtain below the secretary to hide the storage area. 

I'm thinking about trimming out the alcove ceiling with some barn wood to look like exposed beams- much like you would see in a tudor style home.  
Also a project down the road.

One last highlight of this room is the chandelier.  
It was actually one of the first purchases I made for the house.  

It fits with the low ceilings and adds a bit of charm and sparkle to the room.  
The green light that was in here before just wasn't cutting it.
A sickly green hue in a bedroom just isn't very sexy.

That's where we are with the progress.
It's a nice little retreat that is comfy and bright, and will get tweaked along the way, but it's coming along!

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Beautiful, Denise! It looks calm and relaxing...a great place to retreat to after a busy day! You have got quite the knack for decorating! Love it!

    1. Thanks Amanda! It's been a fun house to decorate and I'm looking forward to seeing how it all evolves :)

  2. I like the green striped rug and the old windows.
    It's all beautiful!!

    1. Thank you Faye! It's been a fun process so far and I'm looking forward to fluffing our nest more over the next few years!


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