Rebel Junk Vintage Market 2016

It's been almost a month since I participated in Rebel Junk (eek!) so I apologize for the very delayed post.
Better late than never, right?

Rebel Junk Vintage Market is the new name for a show I have participated in the last 3 years- Junk Salvation.

This was one of my best shows ever.  
I didn't feel super prepared because of everything going on with our move.  
I did what I could to have my inventory priced and organized, but I was constantly worried I would forget something crucial.  
(like cash for my cash box.  Fortunately that didn't happen! Lots of nightmares about that one.)

I was in the same spot I've had every year.  
It's so nice to know exactly what to expect.  One new aspect this year that was absolutely wonderful was a 2 day set up!

It definitely created a more relaxed atmosphere and I felt so much better knowing I had a little extra time to get everything done with the circus going on the home front.

My anchor piece was a 3x5' vintage metal Pepsi sign from the 1960's. 
It was so cool and sold opening night.

I'm always happy when I have a good show, and I feel good about the dollar amount I end up with, but I've never experienced a sellout.  
This show was as close to that as I've ever experienced.  Not very many pieces of furniture came home with me, and the few that did were a-ok with me.  I needed some fresh pieces for Aunt Bee's and the giant rolling rack is great storage for my bins when I'm not doing shows.  
So fun!

I also had a great time visiting old and new friends who were also vendors.

It still surprises me when I see customers who say I love your blog 

One thing that is always hard with show, is finding time to get around and look at the other booths.
With the 2 day set up, Jon and I both were able to do a little shopping, which was especially fun this year since we had literally closed on our house the same day.
Jon bought a vintage leather chair and ottoman from our friend Sarah of Roost Reimagined.  I bought a giant metal clock face from Pam of Mama Roost (Sarah's mom).

I knew I wanted some industrial chairs for our kitchen island, so I found 3 awesome mismatched ones from Lamps by Shirley.  I also bought a pillow for our bench in the kitchen from Camp Hollyhock.

Still working on getting all of these items worked into our decor!

I snapped this last shot as we were packing up to go home, and I thought it was the perfect visual for my last show as Pink Postcard.  It was kinda sad to think of it that way.  I've enjoyed my name for many years, but as I've said before, I'm so excited about the future.  

I got great feedback from my customers - both new and returning - on the name change, it was really good to hear that as I talked to people about the upcoming change.

Such a fun weekend, and I am so thankful to everyone who drove out to shop and be at the show.

We were also so grateful for the hospitality of the show's organizer, Dixie, who always has a smile on her face, greets everyone, and just makes it a fun place to be.
Thank you Dixie!

I'm restocking The Barn for a couple spring shows, and you can click on my Where to Find Me tab at the top of my page to see where the next ones will be!

I'm off on a day trip with my mom, and then back to work at home.

 Check back soon for an update on our house and some info on how we refinished our wood floor in our bedroom!

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  1. Looks like a great show and the sign is a definite show stopper!

    1. Thanks Darrielle! It is a really fun show! I think I could have sold it a few times over ;)


    1. thank you Alicia! It's a fun show! I've always loved shopping it as well as being a vendor! :)


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