The Farmhouse Show -Fall 2015

It's so crazy to think that another Farmhouse Show is already done!
And, I am about to have my four (?) year anniversary at Aunt Bee's House.

It's still so much fun, and I think the nicest thing I heard all weekend was from Jon.  
We were laying in bed, and he hugged me and said, "this sure was a fun weekend."

After all the furniture moving- take down was on Halloween, and literally poured buckets of rain on us- it's pretty special to hear that.
I could not do any of this without him, and it brings me so much joy to hear that he loves doing this with me.
One of these days I really need to get a photo of the two of us at my booth!

This was the entrance to my booth this year.
I'm still using the French doors and awnings, and am really happy with how it works for markets.

I found this life size photo at an estate sale earlier this fall, and thought it was just adorable.
As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to use it in my display for Farmhouse.

Our customers braved the rain for opening night, and stood outside for about a half an hour before we opened the doors!

I posted a photo of this bench on Instagram before I took it to Farmhouse.

I really wasn't too sure I wanted to sell it, but I ended up bringing it with me anyway.
It did sell, and I seriously almost shed a tear because I loved it so much and had been considering a furniture swap at home.

But Kathleen (Faded Charm) found me at the show, and told me she was buying it, so that made it a little more bearable to let go of.
It's so her, and I can't wait to see what she does with it!

I love this farmhouse hutch.
It's super crackly / chippy / rustic, and was so fun to stage.

I gave it a fresh coat of milk paint, and rebuilt the base top in wood panels, stained it in a rich maple color, and now it's waiting for it's forever home.
I also added fun red faucet knobs to all the doors.

I love this industrial rolling rack!
I bought it from another vendor at the end of last year's spring show.
She didn't have room to bring it home, so we bought it.

Jon just loves it for the garage.
It's easy to move around and holds all my tubs of smalls.
It was a great display piece!

My favorite vignette in my space.....
Sort of a cabin / woodsy theme.
The US Forestry plates were a real find!
They aren't vintage, but I had a heck of a time finding out any info on them to know the value or history.
As far as I can tell, there's only one other store that sells them- online.
They were pretty pricey even as a new set, so I priced them slightly less than what I saw on the website.

As a new set, they go for $160, and I had them priced at $125.  (It's a 10 piece set)
They are in great condition, and like I said, hard to find!
I think they would be so fun in a vacation home in the mountains.

I made these pillows, along with a few others.
Green velveteen on one side, and a modern gold and white print on the other.

Lots of vintage clocks in an old glass display case.

I kept saying it was drawer-palooza in my booth.
This was the bulk of all the drawers I had with me, but I did have a couple other smaller ones in my space!

All of my Christmas themed sheet music sold.

These French clogs were a little hidden gem.
I don't think many people noticed them, even though they were pretty easy to find.
These date back to the World War I era, and the lady that I bought them said her grandpa brought them back from the war.
She used to wear them to school as a little girl.
Isn't that sweet?

They are leather, and as hard as wood clogs.
I'm going to try and get them listed in my Etsy shop soon.

My mannequin below also came from the same lady!
I had her decked out in a cream petticoat, and a lambswool scarf.

I kept hoping to feature this cute vanity on my blog before the show, but it got too busy for me to do that.
This was a great find- the only thing I did to it was switch out the knobs and the seat cover!!
woo hoo!
It's so cute, and is still available in my space at Aunt Bee's House.

This was another item I wanted to share on the blog before the show, and just didn't have time.

This cute little shelf got a makeover in Miss Mustard Seed's Bergere.
It's a great European blue, and I painted a little flourish at the top.
Most everything in this vignette sold.

I've had the disco ball since last spring, and I loved hanging it from the top of this metal shelf.
It's very shabby, and super fun.
I plan on using it again soon.

It was a great show, and I was so grateful for the help and mentoring that I got from my friend Martha of Vintage Trifles.

She was so wonderful and worked with me most of the first day of set up and showed me some of her tricks for staging.  She's one of the most creative people I know.
If you ever get a chance to go to one of her shows, it is so worth it.

Her next vintage market is November 20 and 21 and is called the 3 Friends Holiday Treasures Show.  
You can find more details on Facebook!
Thanks again Martha!!

I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of my space at The Farmhouse Show.
I'm done with vintage markets for the year, but I will be gearing up for several more at the beginning of 2016!
Thank you to all of you who came and shopped.
I got to see several friends while I was there (either when I was working, or after restocking my space).
It was also fun to get text messages showing me the purchases from my booth!
Thank you so much.

I'm now gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I hope to share some fun stuff soon.

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  1. Everything looks amazing you have some beautiful pieces, shame you are so far away!

    Bee happy x

    1. Thanks Deborah! :) That's so nice! You can always shop my Etsy store, although it's not quite the same as what I have at the shop or in person. Mostly because I have a hard time keeping up my inventory online! ;)

  2. I'm drooling over here! Oh my goodness, what a fabulous space you created. I love it all, but your storage shelf and all those drawers are amazing.

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