Junk Bonanza Portland 2015

We had a very busy and fun weekend!
Lots packed in to three days, and not one day to sleep in.
But that's ok, that's what naps are for, right?

I've been looking forward to Junk Bonanza for quite a while.
Ki Nassauer is the show organizer, and you may recognize her as the editor of Flea Market Style magazine.  This is a national show that originated in Minnesota and is now expanding to other cities.

Jill told me about the show coming to Portland earlier this year, and encouraged me to apply.
I did, and was eventually invited to be a vendor, but I just couldn't pull the trigger to participate yet.
I've told myself early on as a vendor, that I would attend a show that I want to do before I participate in it.  
It's always served me well, so even though I really didn't have anything to lose by jumping in the first year, it was great to check it out and visit with several vendor friends who were involved in it.
Saturday was the day we attended, and we made it a family day.
Hannah invited a friend and we had a blast walking around and checking everything out.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw this photo on Saturday.
I was lucky and won 2 entry tickets through an Instagram giveaway hosted by #oregonbloggers and Junk Bonanza! woo hoo!

It was great to take in all the beautiful displays and talk to vendors whom I've followed on Facebook or Instagram.  I was so excited to see Atelier de Campagne in person here!!!
These guys are amazing.

Junk Bonanza was full of several well known local vintage dealers, and a few out of state dealers who I've long admired.  It was kind of surreal to see Atelier de Campagne's space in person!!
Truly spectacular French antiques and merchandised so well.
(see the first 2 photos above!)

Boulevard Mercantile

Attic Antics
My friend Alex always has such a great booth.  I love seeing her!
  I have several small treasures around our home from her European finds!

This space was so pretty with all of the lavender glassware.
The mannequin was so cute!  I wish I could remember who the vendor was....

My friend Glo, of Farm French had an incredible space.
She is super creative and has a great flair.
P.S. If you ever get the chance to be near her at a show, she is a hoot.  She's the kind of vendor you want to be next to for a weekend!


I always love to see Sue's displays, and I'm sad that I didn't get any super great shots to show off her space.
She has such amazing stuff, and I credit her booth being full of shoppers to my lack of a great photo  showing you how wonderful it looked.

This cute aqua bike was her in her front and center spot, and it was adorable with the little pumpkins in the basket.  She has some better photos on her Facebook and Instagram accounts. 
Click on the link below the photo to see her page.


Roost Reimagined
My friend Sarah of Roost Reimagined also was there, and is super creative.  She has a great eye for transforming pieces.  We had a great time chatting, and I loved seeing her mom (Mama Roost) also!

Once again, I can't recall who's booth this was in, but those wings....Love.
I wish I had a spot for them!

Boots and more boots!  This was a great space full of vintage and newer clothing.
Jon was drooling over the wool zip up jackets.  I think he's regretting not buying one.

I was there mostly to visit and check things out instead of buying anything for myself, but I did come home with one amazing and special treasure.

Komedal Road

It was so fun to finally meet Liz of Komedal Road in person.
I've been a long time admirer of her brand and style.
After I'd done my initial walk through of the show, I had to come back and buy this vintage trophy from her.
(you can also see it on the table above before I purchased it)

What's incredible about this particular piece, is that Liz lives several hundred miles from me.
This trophy originated in a town just a half hour away from where I live!
The trophy is unscripted with:
Grand Prize, Silverton, Window Display, Fall 1950 Main St.

It's great because we've always loved the town of Silverton, and Jon has family that have farmed and lived in the area for many years.
It's so fun to see that it's back in Oregon with some special meaning location-wise to us.
I can't find any relevant info on the web about what exactly the award was for, but it's still fun.

If you get a chance to go to the Minneapolis or San Diego Junk Bonanza, it is definitely worth it!  

I'm considering the Portland show for next year!
Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, I know I've been spotty posting here, but I hope I will be back with a few more updates and projects before The Farmhouse Show in just 2 weeks!

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  1. Ooooh I wish we had a Junk Bonanza in Georgia. I would love for you to link this post up to a new vintage link party this Thursday at 8:00 AM EST. It is Vintage Charm and your links will be seen on four blogs. Join us at http://bluewillowhouse.com. Hope to see you there!

    1. Well, I know they are adding more shows this next year, so you might watch their website and see if your state gets added to the venues! You guys have the Country Living Fair, so I'm envious of that. ;) Thanks for the invite to the party, I'll try and make it this week! Thanks Sharon!

  2. looks like you had some fun and I LOVE your new trophy!! Marcy

  3. Thanks Marcy! :) It was a blast. I'm so happy with my treasure!

  4. Looks SO fun. Do you have any tips on finding similar shows in other parts of the country. We just moved to Pennsylvania, I'm sure they have something similar within driving distance, but I haven't been able to track them down yet.

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