Vintage buffet in Marzipan

I feel like this is the first time in awhile that I've done a furniture makeover and had time to photograph and share it on the blog!

I also had plans to show you how I painted the design on the front, but I took the photos with my iPhone and for some reason they were not coming through, so maybe if I can get it to go through later, I'll do it in a mini separate post.

This was a fun project- it was a great piece that was in need of a makeover.
Lately I've been leaving the tops of these kinds of pieces natural, with a touch up of stain, but this one had some pretty deep scratches, so I decided to roll with it.

Simple, beautiful details.

It chipped and crazed beautifully.

I kept the original knobs on it for some visual interest.  
It was still a bit plain, even with the decorative wood accents around the knobs, so I got out my paint brush and added in a little more detail.

It was fun to add some pretty, delicate detail.

This is done in Miss Mustard Seed's Marzipan. 

I've only used this color once before.  
It's one that has grown on me.  When I've mixed it up, and started with it, I'm always a bit unsure.  

Sometimes it looks like a putty color, but when I'm finished, it really is a nice, soft, warm gray.
So yes, I guess putty, but it looks so much prettier when it's all done.  If you've thought about this color before, you should definitely try it.  
It has an understated elegance to it.

I'm still enjoying the Hawthorne branches as part of our early fall decor.
I've had the white flower bucket full of them in our living room.

It's been fun to get back to some painting and creative projects.  
I put a bit of it on hold while we wrapped up summer.  

Hannah started high school this week 
whaaaaaaat?? we've really just taken time to enjoy being together as a family.

I'll probably have a few more projects to show you soon- fall nesting seems to kick in after the kids are in school, and so the furniture projects seem to pile on a bit more this time of year.  

I'm also going to be stockpiling inventory for the upcoming Farmhouse Show at the end of October.
It's one of my favorites, and I can't wait!!
You can check Aunt Bee's House Facebook page for details, or also the official Farmhouse Show page.
I'll be posting previews as much as I'm able before hand.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love your buffet Denise and I want to try this color now!

    1. Thanks Darrielle! :) It's definitely one I'm looking forward to playing with more. I hope you get a chance to try it out soon!

  2. Denise,
    It looks great! I like the detail you gave it and I agree with you, this is one pretty color.


    1. Thanks Linda! It was fun to do something a little more creative with this one. Hope you have a great week.

  3. Denise, you did a beautiful job with your marzipan buffet. I also want to compliment you on the your styling the piece. It looks great. I saw your link at Pamela's Treasure Hunt Thursday party. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey

  4. Thanks so much Ann Marie! :) So sweet. I've been having more fun with styling recently...I appreciate your kind words. Have a great week.

  5. I love the detail you did around the knobs! Great choice of color too!

  6. Hi Denise. Do you ever show or sell any of your wonders at any shows? Denise A.

  7. Hi Denise. Do you ever show or sell any of your wonders at any shows? Denise A.

  8. Amazing look here with your buffet. The soft farmhouse clour is so inviting to try on some of my pieces.
    You have added the best little details.


  9. I love the white detailing you did. It looks wonderful.


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