chippy white farm dresser

Good morning!
I hope you're enjoying summer as much as I am.  

It's part of the reason you aren't seeing me as much here on the blog ;)
Instagram seems to be a much easier way for me to keep up right now, but I really would like to get on a regular schedule here.
With Hannah heading to high school in the fall, and realizing how little time we have left to make memories while she's still at home, I am just setting my priorities differently right now.

One thing I've really enjoyed this summer that involves both memory making and work related is when Hannah goes with me to hunt down treasures.  She is a great help, and is even developing a *like* for finding her own vintage pieces.  
Not *love*, but hey, I'll take the willingness!

I picked up this gorgeous antique dresser at a local estate sale about a month ago.
It was at a farm sale, and I got there pretty late in the day so everything was really picked over.
I started off in the barn, and wasn't seeing much until my eye landed on something partially covered up under plastic and oily tools.

Except it didn't look this pretty when I took it home.
It was... dare I say... nasty?
Yeah, I think that would sum it up pretty well.
But I was excited to clean away all the grime and let the potential and beauty show through.

Pretty bad, eh?
That's a lot of dirt.

Even though it was gross, I just knew it would be beautiful in it's aged appearance.
I loved all the crackly chipped paint.

A lot of the dressers I buy, I end up replacing the hardware with something a little sparkly.  
But even these wood knobs were keepers.  
They have a limed effect that I also found charming.

Recently I've come across some great beach treasures, like the ship print and the (faux) coral.
It seemed like a good pairing with this piece, even though it came from a farm.

By the way, I didn't tell you~ I asked the lady who sold this to me if she knew the age, and she said that her family had owned the land since the mid 1800's, so.... it's pretty old!  No exact date, but based on the construction of the dresser, it's probably not too far off of that.

The ship print was one of those heart string purchases.  I probably paid way too much for it, but I really liked it, and if I end up keeping it, well I wouldn't be too sad about that.

What I love most about these kinds of pieces is that, yes, it's worn and shabby, but it's the personality of the piece that tells a story.  It's not perfect. It might have been relegated to the barn, but I rescued it, and hopefully someone else will love it and appreciate the time worn history of it like I do.

It needed a few repairs and I sealed the exterior with clear poly acrylic, but otherwise it's in it's original state.

I also added in a pretty paper to line the drawers.

A cherubic print in blue and white-  I think it adds a nice finishing touch to the interior.

It's now for sale at Aunt Bee's House, and I hope it goes to a good home!
Enjoy summer, treasure hunting, and fun memories~

xo Denise

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