chippy industrial cart & a quick update on life

Good morning!
It feels kinda funny posting this, because I shared it on Instagram two weeks ago, and this piece has already sold...but I know not everyone has an Instagram account, so you might not have seen this yet!

Part of that first statement will come into play later down the post, so please, read on.

This cart was a lucky find for me, and I really really wanted to find a spot here at home to use it, but there wasn't anywhere I could see it working so I took it down to Aunt Bee's House, and it sold in about a week.

If we had a larger master bath, I think it would've been great to use in there, so that's how I staged it for the blog.

I also added one of my table runners just for some visual softness and an added layer of color.

This was such a solid cart and had some great features like the locking wheels.  
It rolled very smoothly. It was used in a hospital at the turn of the century.  
Later on it was used at a local university.

I also added the French basket because it looks great with everything!
Plus, if I was using it in my home, it would be great for tucking away stuff that isn't that pretty to look at on open shelves.

I'm glad it sold quickly, and I hope the new owners are loving it!

This brings me to the update portion.
Last year, I took an online class from several well known bloggers on building your business and your brand.
I was super pumped, and ready to get serious about all aspects of my business, including blogging.
I had goals of blogging 3x a week and building it to 5x a week- all while continuing the other part of what I do.
Well, as you can see, I am still blogging sporadically, and I am still frustrated.
My question to you is do you feel like blogging is changing?  
I still see all the favorites continuing to blog, but it feels like there is a shift happening more to Instagram as a way for people to quickly look at inspiration vs. reading a blog.
I love Instagram- it's a quick way for me to check in and see beautiful photos from people who's style I like, and a quick caption or link to their blog if I want to read more.

Honestly, I can't even tell you the last time I looked at a blog post myself!
I know a lot of my followers tend to scroll through my photos rather than read the content, primarily because they tell me (whether they mean to or not) 

I enjoy blogging from the creative aspect, and I still want to build my brand, but I would love to know your thoughts.
What do you most enjoy reading or seeing here?
I feel like my home decor posts get more love than anything and it's probably what is most lacking here from a regularity stand point.

Or maybe it's just that I need to be more regular in my posting in general??

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Beautiful cart! Personally I like reading the blog posts.

    1. Thanks for your input Stephanie! I appreciate it!

    2. I agree - I prefer reading posts. Instagram is nice to peruse on your phone while sitting in your car. Doing so, make me more eager to go back to the original post. I find that some bloggers are really only into it for the money. Too many ads and I have to keep xing out of them. I understand wanting to make money, but some bloggers are ridiculous. I tend not to re-visit their sites. I do enjoy yours though! Please continue!

  2. Reader's know when you are blogging "fodder" to fill up space or just posting a few words to link out to somewhere else. I like reading blog posts. I tried to "be a blogger" and I know how hard it is to find and create daily material. I like your content and think that you do a good job. Content is king so I guess I think you should continue as you have in the past. If you have something to say........say it. Otherwise don't add fodder. I think you are wrong about Instagram. I don't use it and I'm a good example.

    1. I agree Sissy. Thank you so much for adding your thoughts here. I've tried to put more focus on quality over quantity, but I'd still like to do more. Thank you so much for your comments! :)

  3. I like blogs and doing mine, but I agree with you about IS being easier and for me as a visual person, I like it a lot. I really enjoy reading some peoples blogs that are good writers, but most of the time I honestly like the pictures the best. I have the same dilemma going on in my head over here!

    1. Good to know Darrielle. Thanks for your comment!

  4. I love reading blogs to get creative ideas but I think Pinterest is kind of taking that over. I enjoy the occasional personal post too as to feel like you know the person who is creating :) Lately on my own blog I hardly ever post but I actually enjoy looking back through it myself!

    1. Ha! Yes! I don't know if it's the summer slump, or something else, but it feels different out there in blogland..... thanks for your input Sandy! :)

  5. That's a good question. I still read blogs, I think Instagram is great and its easy to gain followers there, but I really enjoy visiting blogs. There are so many great ideas out there that you need the information that blogs provide. And its the best way to get to know someone too. I'm back to blogging after taking some time off for family things, I missed it. I'd love for you to visit me at Hope you have a great week. xoxo Mickey

    1. Not sure my last comment posted, so here goes again! I agree with you Mickey, I love instagram for the quick visual eye candy, but there are some things I couldn't do without my blog. Thanks for your comment! :)


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