rustic entry way -a summer update

 I've been adding more rustic pieces into our home's decor over the last few months.
As my style in my business and my home develop, I am adding in pieces from my finds, and selling others.

I've had this little table for quite a while, and have been working on finishing up our entry way.
I finally found a mirror that felt right with the table!

A lot of the pieces I find are from pretty humble beginnings.  
My favorites are often the ones that have been relegated to the barn or shop.

I found this one the same day as our industrial farmhouse table.
Yeah, it was a good day!

This was pretty ordinary when I found it, but I saw the potential in bringing it back to life.  

After several years of a very traditional entry way rug, I finally found one that I liked, that worked with our evolving cottage look.
Our last rug was too dark and formal for the rest of the light and bright in our house.
Thank you Target.
You always come through.

Our hydrangea bushes are all going crazy with blooms right now, and I love being able to go out and cut lots of stems for bright blue bouquets.

When I bought this table, it had yellow laminate glued to the top!
Ugh.  I'm sure it was practical for a shop space, but definitely not cute!

When I go to estate and farm sales, I always look for old, weathered wood boards.
Ironically, most of what I've found hasn't come from farms!
If it's gray and weathered and has lots of character, I don't really care if it came out of a garage or in a field.

If you don't remember, our entry way used to look like this:

It's fun to change it up.

Happy Monday Friends!

xo Denise

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  1. Table envy!! Luv the new entry look. Sometimes it is good to shake it up a bit!
    I have one BIG hydrangeas bush, and it is covered with blooms. I am looking at a big fat bouquet as I type.
    Happy new week!!
    Hugs, Gee

  2. Hi Denise! Your hydrangeas are beautiful! It's interesting that their colors seem very light. I've heard hydrangeas are different colors depending on the soil they grow in? Anyway, most hydrangeas I see around here are very brilliantly blue or purple. Interesting contrast~~

  3. Your entry looks great and the hydrangeas are gorgeous!


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