an antique pie cabinet and why you shouldn't junk distracted...

 Every once in awhile I will have an epic weekend of great sales and come home with a truck load of treasures.  Those are the most fun weekends, and I have to admit- it's a little bit like being a junky- I am on such a roll, I can't stop, and want to find more stops for my addiction!

A couple weekends ago, I had that kind of bonanza.  
I zig zagged my way across one area of town, and even went a little further since I'd been having such good luck.  
At my second stop, I went to a heavily advertised sale and found this:

I know.
Isn't it amazing?  
I cried just a little when I couldn't find a spot to keep it.  

It was in the basement of a gorgeous old house in one of my favorite neighborhoods.  
It was a bit of a claustrophobic sale- at times I was shoulder to shoulder with other buyers.  
I don't usually like sales like this because it is so crazy, but there was so much amazing stuff advertised with this sale, I couldn't resist. 

I found lots of other treasures here, and had several armloads to take to the truck.  
If you've been around old neighborhoods, then you probably also know that the streets can be quite narrow.  
I'd parked a couple blocks away, and needed to pull up closer to load the pie cabinet and all the other loot.  

That was quite the feat in itself. 

I managed to get close enough to the driveway to pull up for loading and spotted an acquaintance and stopped to chat with her for a second.
I had to take out the trunk extender for loading, and set it on the ground while I was talking to her.

I finished loading, and went on to two other sales.  
I was doing so well, I decided to drive out of town to another farm sale about 30 minutes away.  
That was also an amazing haul, and as I was loading up everything there, my stomach dropped to the floor.

Where was the trunk extender????

I ran back to my original parking spot thinking maybe I'd taken it off a few minutes ago.

 Did someone see me take it off and walk off with it??

I was absolutely sick.
I realized that I didn't have it when I got to the out of town sale, so I tried retracing my steps and went back to every sale I'd been at previously.

I was praying for a miracle, and at each stop along the way I was Googling the price of a replacement extender.

I ended up back at the claustrophobic sale, and as I pulled up, there it was.  
Right where I'd left it when I stopped to chat.

  I mean, seriously.  
What are the chances?

I was so happy. 
Huge sigh of relief.

I brought all the treasures home and started cleaning everything up.  
The pie cabinet didn't have anything in the door- it was just open space.
I added in the chicken wire and cleaned all the dust and cobwebs off.
It was in really good condition and wasn't even terribly dirty.

This is such a well made piece. 

Tongue and groove top.

Bead board interior.

And guess what?  
Bead board on the back as well.  
Nobody does that any more.   

I took it down to Aunt Bee's House today, and I hope it goes home with someone who appreciates the quality as much as I do.

Goodbye pie cabinet.  You were a special treasure with a story.
Always an adventure.

xo Denise

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  1. Love love the pie cabinet and the chicken wire just makes it perfect. Jo

  2. What a story. So happy it all worked out. Beautiful cabinet. You're right you don't see that kind of piece anymore


  3. You always find the best stuff! I'm so glad you were able to find the truck extender. My heart would have been in my stomach too. Love your finds lady! Hugs, Coco

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