French Provincial side tables in Schloss

Remember the French Provincial dresser I showed you the other day?  
Well, there were a couple small side tables that went with it!

After not doing much painting for awhile, I've been on go mode since last week.
The dresser went down to Aunt Bee's on Sunday, and I was hoping to bring these two tables with it, but there just wasn't the time to finish them.
I had a hole in my space that needed to be filled, and so I just put a note with the dresser that there were two matching side tables that would be coming in soon.

Whenever I bring furniture down to the shop, I always post it on Craigslist as well.  It's worked out pretty well, and sometimes people who haven't been in to Aunt Bee's will find out about it because of the ad.

I got busy finishing up the side tables with a final coat of paint, distressing, and wax; and of course, before I could completely finish them, I had an interested buyer.

Monday was a fairly busy day for me, so I worked as quickly as I could to get them finished up, photographed, and down to the shop before I picked up Hannah from school.

The entire set- with the exception of the mirror- was gone by the end of the day!

This was such a nice set, and I'm glad that the person who bought it was so excited about it.

This was painted just like the dresser, in Miss Mustard Seed's Schloss.  
It chipped great, and I highlighted just the little leaf flourish on the bottom.  
I made a design decision to not highlight the feet on the tables - only on the dresser.  
I kinda liked the idea of giving the bigger piece a little 'more' than the smaller tables.

These tables were staged pretty quickly since I needed to get out the door and be back in time before the end of the school day.

I got the last bunch of daffodils from our neighbor's farm, and put them in a glass battery jar.

This jar was from the hoarder's sale a couple weekends ago.  
There were three, but someone else grabbed the other two.  Hannah helped me and got this one off of the garage shelf, and we put it into our pile.
Later when we were ready to pay, I was going to pick up the jar to take to the truck, and we saw a HUGE black spider in the bottom!  Gah!!

I was so glad it didn't decide to crawl out onto Hannah when she carried it out for me!!!
One of my brave friends who was at the sale carefully picked up the jar and dumped him out on the grass far, far away from us.
Bless her.

So now it's all clean and spider free.  
I just love these for use as giant vases or terrariums. 

I've had a couple and they are just so pretty even though they were used to house batteries!
Girls always make things prettier, don't we? 

I'm hoping to show a few more of my recent vintage finds before it gets all packed away for The Farmhouse Show!
Mark your calendars for April 29- May 2.  I'll post more details on my sidebar soon.
I'll have this and lots of other awesome items there.
Are you coming?

P.S.  I forgot to mention the little Hello sign.
Yes, I will be bringing lots of fun signs like this little guy to Farmhouse.
You guys really seem to like them.

xo Denise

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  1. What a beautiful aged finish you achieved Denise! Such a pretty pair. So glad they found a happy home!

  2. These are very nice Denise-love the chippy!


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