New curtains for our living room

I've had a nice break since Junk Salvation - working on projects that were left to the back burner, and just catching up on rest and visiting with friends.  
I haven't done any furniture painting projects in almost a month and a half!

One project that I have been wanting to finish up for a long time, was some new curtain panels for our living room.

I spent quite a bit of time last Fall looking for fabric that had the look and feel of Cabbages and Roses fabric.  
Why didn't I just get Cabbages and Roses?
The yardage here in the U.S. is pretty limited, mostly to just a couple yards and in certain colors.  

I looked in to buying it from the UK, but they don't ship here, and the yardage is insanely expensive anyway.  
I found a company online that had English fabrics that was willing to ship here, that had a similar feel and style of fabric.

This one is called Country Escape Mia Pink, by Tilda Fabrics, and I'd been staring at it on my living room Pinterest board for quite a while before I pulled the trigger.  

I wanted a style that wasn't just a straight panel, but also pretty.  
Not too ruffly, but had something to it.

The other issue with the curtains is that this window is 8 feet across and very long.
It was hard to find a curtain rod that was also in the look I wanted.
The one I was using before was metal, and definitely long enough, but with the size of this room, it just started looking wimpy.  
It needed some bulk to stand up to the size of the space.

I found the perfect size and scale in an extra long closet rod.
I washed it (50/50 ratio of paint and water) in white chalk paint, and then waxed it with clear wax and then a heavy coat of dark wax.

These curtain rings were exactly the look I wanted, and so my distressing job mimicked the look of these.  
By the way, these came from one of my favorite vendors at Aunt Bee's House!  The same lady who I bought our salvage window frame from in our living room, among several other things around our house!
I used heavy duty thread to sew the metal loops to the back edge of the panels.  
The fabric is also lined with white cotton so it gives them a nicer, finished  look.

 I bought some round finial ends from Lowe's (also distressed like the rod), drilled pilot holes in the ends of the closet rod, and now it has the look I was going for!

The pop of color makes the room feel much more cozy.
I've always loved the look of English cottages and farmhouses, and the soft rose pattern gives it just that.

I've also been having fun over the last month tweaking things around the house and decorating.
Little touches of spring.

We've had a few new furniture pieces come through over the last couple weeks, so we are working on those and trying them out.
These beautiful vintage barrel back chairs are one of the new additions.
They are incredibly comfy, and we have been trying them out in a couple spots.

The fabric is in really good condition, but I'm looking into having them slipcovered or reupholstered down the road.

It's also been great over the last month for me to reevaluate my business and where I'm going.  
I've enjoyed journaling and refocusing on my goals.
I'm excited and nervous about some of the changes, but just praying that God will really direct what is supposed to happen.

Thanks for stopping by today!  I look forward to seeing you again soon!

xo Denise

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  1. The pink curtains are beautiful and gives your room a romantic touch. I like how you added the wooden piece of architecture to the ceiling to separate the adds more charming character. Beautiful!

  2. So cute furry pillows :) The curtains and the entire look of the room are amazing!

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