Junk Salvation 2015

It's been a bit of a break since I last posted, because of the nature of pre-show organization!  
This was my third year participating in Junk Salvation, and it is always so fun, and a ton of work.
I'm writing this on Sunday, and it feels good to do only what I want to do, and rest.

Mostly what I want to do is eat comfort food, take a nap, and clean my house.
Not necessarily in that order.

I was able to get a few photos this weekend, mostly on my DSLR camera, so some turned out great, and others, in my hurry- not so much.

We got there a bit later than I hoped we would for set up, so I felt a bit anxious about getting it done in time.  Even with an extra pair of hands to help (Hannah came with us this year) I'm just not a fast setter upper when it comes to shows.

We really cut it to the wire.
I always try and allow enough time to get checked in at the hotel, get myself presentable and changed out of my sweats for opening night.  
You know how you will hear someone say something but it doesn't really connect until you're in the moment?
Yeah, that was how it was for me...

Set up was supposed to be done by 4:00, and I guess I did hear that you could get in a half hour earlier if you bought tickets online, (heck, I think I even said that in my ticket giveaway on Facebook!) but it just didn't click until I was walking in the entrance - the same one that all the customers were at - and found myself in the throng of women crushed up against the doors like Black Friday shoppers.

You need to know that I avoid Black Friday.  It's not my thing.
I dislike that claustrophobic, wild eyed shopping frenzy that goes along with it.

So there I am trying to get in so I can get back to my booth before customers come rushing in, and suddenly realizing I was going to be in the middle of all these die hard, let-me-in-NOW shoppers!!

It was a futile attempt, but I tried holding up my wrist to show my Vendor bracelet just so I could get through, but do you think anyone cared?  Do you think anyone noticed??
Not a bunch of women knocking the door down to get in!
It was every woman for herself!! 
ha ha!
I ran back to my booth and was just glad I was in the back of the building so I had a minute to unlock my cash box!
Craziness I tell ya.

This was the only photo I got of my booth front.

It's one of the not so great (blurry) photos, so no, your glasses won't help on this one.

Lots more questions on "are the doors with the awnings" for sale?
We talked to several customers about them, and Jon and I are thinking that maybe for my next show, we will make a couple extras to sell since we keep getting asked about them!

It was my best Junk Salvation show yet,  I was really happy with my sales, and there were times that my booth was so full I was shocked.

At one point, I didn't even realize how many people were behind me and Jon did a quick hand signal for me to turn around and look.
I asked him to take a quick shot for the blog!

This was my first time using my new sales table, and I loved it.  It was a dresser I bought from my friend and fellow vendor, Sharon.
It was a better height for me to use, and stored all of my necessities.
I removed all the drawers and added in shelves.
I wanted a Union Jack in my Pink Postcard colors, and I was really nervous about getting it to look right when I first started taping out the flag, but I'm really happy with how it turned out.
One of the nicest compliments I overheard was that I got the stripes right.

Once again, I was so fortunate to have such wonderful neighbors!
There was a really sweet lady next to me (Serendipity Designs) who had a vintage trailer as part of her display.  It was fun having that next door!
Jon wondered if they would he could rent it to him for half an hour so he could take a nap!
ha ha!
Poor guy.  He was such a great help after a long work week full of travel.

We were also neighbors with Dan and Katie of The Rustic Pitchfork.
They are so nice, and make some incredible farmhouse furniture.
We really enjoyed getting to know them better and visiting between customers.

The table here didn't sell, and I'm so glad.
I love it so much and am trying to find a way to keep it!
Another one of my not so great photos, but I loved this vignette, and it was the only photo I got.

This rusty green table and stools were my other favorite item, and they did sell.
Such a cool set.
I drove through an ice storm to get it!
The roads were improving by the time I drove out to the barn sale, but there was still a sheet of ice on the top of the table when I brought it home to unload.

Oh, the things we will do for a good piece of rusty metal.

I'm looking forward to a break between this weekend and my next sale.
It will feel good to focus on some home projects and my space at Aunt Bee's House.

You can always follow my Facebook page for upcoming markets and pre-sale photos of what I'm bringing.
My next one is April 29 - May 2, The Farmhouse Show.
It's a great vintage garden themed sale and we are expanding this year!!

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone who drove out to the show and shopped.  It was so great to see you, and I loved getting to see new and familiar faces.

And now, I think my couch is calling me for that nap....

xo Denise

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  1. Great Merchandise, beautifully styled. As a good friend (& a good cook) I know, used to always say, "you eat with your eyes first" The same goes for buying/shopping & your booth has some great eye candy! I'm not sure how you can part with some it. Glad the show went well for you.

  2. Everything is SO beautiful. I don't know how to choose a fav! The little blue birds are adorable. I love ALL the furniture, especially the dresser with the mirror! I would be in antique heaven :)

    1. Thank you Melinda! :) I always love those little birds! I've found a few of them over the years, and they are always so charming. That dresser was definitely a favorite!

  3. Denise,
    Your booth looked outstanding!!! I LOVE that awesome blue scale...did it sell? Happy to hear that you had a good show...with all those goodies...I can see why.


    1. Thank you so much, Linda! The blue scale did not sell... I just posted it on FB ;)

  4. i wish wish wish that i lived closer.....i could buy so many things in that booth!!
    and you looked super cute too!

  5. ooh me too such lovely things. I love your booth and how you set it up and love everything in it.
    Am glad you had such a great time and thank you for sharing all the pics with us

    1. Thanks Catie An! It's so much fun to do what I love. Always an interesting challenge to get everything set up in a nice way in what feels like a very short amount of time!! LOL

  6. Your booth looked great--and I can tell alot of things disappeared even before I even got there :) I did a post on the show too. I just love the show--so many nice people and so inspiring. :)

    1. Thanks so much Sandy! It was so great to see you and Janae- I did go peek at your post, and I will come by again now that I have a moment on the computer ;) Glad you guys had a good time. Thanks for coming!

  7. Wonderful post and beautiful photos.


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