Artissimo writing desk

All kinds of projects are going on fast and furious around here!
Lots of painting on both small pieces, and furniture. 

I have just two weeks until Junk Salvation, and so I have several to do lists to keep me half way organized, and days dedicated to just sewing, just pricing and packing, and just painting.

I've also had some spots needing to be filled at Aunt Bee's House, and this is one that I delivered this morning.

Once again, the photo dilemma strikes again, but this time it's not as much the lighting as it is the background.
I gotta figure out a quick and easy backdrop for this spot! 

this gorgeous desk was a piece I was able to buy from someone whose style I have admired for a long time.
I met up with Jill from The Forever Cottage a couple weeks ago.
I was so excited to get this, and have her blessing to paint it.

It was coral, and looked stunning in her office.  
I decided to leave some of that peeking through and painted the body in Miss Mustard Seed's Artissimo.

I added new glass knobs that I purchased from Hobby Lobby.

So many gorgeous details!
The little scrolls were painted over in the Artissimo, and then I rubbed off the paint with a wet rag.
There's still bits of blue on the coral, but the color on the scrolls is a fun pop.
I also distressed the details and edges just slightly to bring out a little more of the underlying color.

The vintage glass lamp was a piece I picked up at a flea market a couple weeks ago.  It didn't have a shade, so I got one from a friend and added some fun trim to embellish it.

There's two layers- one ruffle, and then I glued a little crochet trim over it.

It was fun to pull together a few pieces for this desk.  I have several sheets of vintage ledger paper that my friend Martha gave me a couple years ago.  I absolutely love it.
The gorgeous penmanship is captivating.
If you look closely, you will see it's a butcher's ledger.  
Someone bought a pork roast for 50 cents.
Wouldn't that be nice?!

I also added in this set of vintage books- four volumes, and in excellent condition.
I have a thing for old books, and these are gorgeous.

The bust is only 6" tall, but weighs a ton since it is cast iron!  
I wonder where she came from?

This was such a fun desk to acquire and transform.
I really wish I had the space to keep it!

I'm off to work on some more stuff.
Have a lovely weekend!

xo Denise

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  1. Very pretty and I love the 2 colors together!

  2. Lovely! That is a very nice shade of blue!


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