Thanksgiving mantel and new furniture for the family room

Work has really stepped up to a full time job.  
I know a lot of people wonder what it is that I do all day when I say I 
"work from home and have a vintage home decor business".

Well, right now, it means most mornings I'm either attempting to get into the shop before it officially opens to bring in new furniture pieces or refresh my space.

Beginning on Thursday and through the weekend, I'm driving around finding new pieces for Aunt Bee's House or upcoming shows. 
(sometimes two months in advance.  I'm already starting to save items for a February show.)

And in between all of that, I'm painting furniture, fixing / cleaning pieces, creating pieces, attempting to keep Etsy updated, attempting to keep regular blog posts, and then the regular-life mom stuff like errands, laundry, and grocery shopping!

Not a lot of time for decorating, which I love to do, but sometimes it just feels like I'm contributing to more messes around the house!

It was nice to take some time this week to decorate for our own space though.
After all the post-Farmhouse Show organization, I went through and dropped off what I needed at Aunt Bee's and then had fun.

One piece I was really torn on whether to keep or sell was this 10 drawer dresser:

Isn't it awesome?
It's almost like a card catalog or apothecary cabinet.
The brass label pulls were all original, and I really loved the wood.

It was a total mess when I found it- Mr. Bachelor who previously owned it wrote on all the drawers in  black marker.  
Work shirts, socks, shorts....
you know... stuff you need to write in marker on your 10 drawer dresser.
I scrubbed it really good, and then used Old English on it to hide a lot of the scratches and even out the color.
If you look at the photo below where my watermark is, you can still see a faint bit of stubborn ink.

I don't really have anything specific that I'm putting in all those drawers right now, so I just did a graphic look with all the labels.  

As much as I loved our antique farm table for our TV, this fits so much better in the space.

I wanted more character pieces for our family room, and less of a girly feel than our living room.
I also treated myself to a special purchase this past week.

I've been looking for the perfect school map to hang in here, and I was able to buy one from my friend, Alex of Attic Antics.

Alex travels overseas and brings back wonderful treasures from the Netherlands, Belgium, and France.
She had just gone on a big buying trip in October and had a home show- which I missed.
But the good news was that I was in Portland a few days later and was able to drop in and see a couple things I was interested in from her Facebook photos of her show.

I couldn't resist adding in another bit of England.

You may have noticed that the map is written in Dutch!
Love it.

It goes great with our colors, and is just such a cool, unique piece.

As for our mantel, I decided it was time to freshen up the look.

The green squash that I had in the wood window box was beginning to expire, and I didn't want to let that get out of hand.

Pssst... by the way, you have to visit Ikea's paper goods section if you haven't already!
Oh my.
Paper heaven.

I grabbed several of these numbered tags and gift tags when we were there last week.

...And promptly added one to our mantel vignette.
You can see the other ones I nabbed on my Instagram feed.

I have another little sneak peek of a spot in our kitchen to show you later this week.

Let's meet up tomorrow and I'll show you my Thanksgiving table setting!

xo Denise

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  1. What great find-all those great drawers! You are a busy woman and what you do and create is inspiring!

  2. Wow, I love everything about that fabulous dresser, including the leftover writing. What was this guy thinking? It's perfect for your TV! Love your map and the beautiful vignette you created on your mantel. Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.


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