Recap of The Farmhouse Show Fall 2014

Good morning, friends!
The Farmhouse Show has come and gone, and I had a great time, but am totally wiped out.
Shortly after we set up my space I got sick, so I've been running on low energy ever since.  

I wanted to give you a virtual tour of my booth from this year, so here we go!

I was very excited to have a new look to my space, and here it is:

This year, I did 5 shows and decided that I wanted to have a regular set up so I wasn't reinventing my look every single time.  
It's a challenge in itself to put all the product together in a way that looks nice and is easy to shop.  

Even though the idea of having my own brick and mortar shop sounds romantic, I know that at this point in my life, I would not enjoy the day to day business of running my own shop.  
I set out to create a booth "look" that would look like what I would want if I had my own shop space.
Sort of a European boutique.

I purchased some French doors and painted them black, added some window boxes to the base and made little striped awnings out of Ikea products.
The awning pop out frame is from an Ikea drying rack, and the fabric (now discontinued) is also from there.
Although I prefer real boxwood, they are not cheap, and the idea of buying fresh boxwood for every event made me decide to use faux.  
These are also from Ikea, and I can store them and reuse easily.

I bought the vintage red Hawthorne bike at a barn sale this spring, and it's been a nice yard decoration while I waited to use it.  
I added this little basket and made a pom pom garland for the front of it.  
I always keep a stack of brown paper presents for decorating at the holidays, so I added them to the back of the bike too. 
My inspiration came from a window display from Free People
I forgot to add some fun streamers, but hopefully I can add those on here soon.

Come on in, I'll show you around!

I really, really, really loved this vintage chalkboard.  
I would have kept it if I could have found a good spot for it in my house.

I think this is the 5th Tom Thumb cash register I've found and sold this year! 
They are always so cute.

Normally I don't do repeats of previous unique projects, but this time I had a couple at the show.
This rusty drip pan was a project I did for one of my very first vintage markets, and I couldn't resist doing it again.
I lettered it with Catch of the Day - Please take a Number and added little numbered magnets.

I never got a chance to photograph this awesome 10 drawer dresser for the blog.
It did get a brief teaser photo on my Instagram, but here it is now.  
And the picture is totally crummy. 

 This was a huge score, and one that I just couldn't decide whether or not to let go of.  
It didn't sell, and I'm kinda glad about that, because I'm hoping to do a swapper-roo in the family room with this piece.  
It's just so cool.

It required some major clean up and some prayers that black marker would clean off of it.
Even though it has all those amazing brass label pulls, the bachelor that previously owned it thought it would be much easier to write all the drawer contents right on to the drawers.

I don't paint everything! 

This super cool rolling cart was something I had built for the show.
I'm at the point now where it was worth it to me to hire someone to do it for me rather than have the project sit in my garage for months, and I'm not making any money on it while it languishes.

I found the wheel base at the same barn sale that I got the vintage bike from.  
I gave an inspiration photo to the carpenter, and he did an amazing job building it.  
It was made from reclaimed salvage wood, and had a great farmhouse / weathered look. 
 I also added some zinc handles to the sides.

It didn't sell at the Farmhouse Show, but I took it down yesterday to my space at Aunt Bee's House, and it sold within an hour and a half of me dropping it off!
woo hoo!

I also bought these wood arrows from a local craftsperson.  

I really believe in supporting people who make handmade items. 
I'm always up front about re-selling the items, or buying from their wholesale product line.
I had a bad experience several years ago when I was a newbie, and it's prompted me to now give an opportunity to others that I wish I'd had when I was starting out.

I can't do everything myself, and like to reach out to people who do what I can't, or don't have the time to do.  
The candles that I sell and pieces like these arrows are a great way to support other families or moms, and they make money too.

I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of my booth at the Farmhouse Show!  
Thank you so much to everyone who came out - I'm always so appreciative of your support!

I'm looking forward to the holidays and some much needed rest.  
And I am so excited to hopefully have a few more home decor posts between now and the end of the year!

Talk to you soon.

xo Denise

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  1. What a beautiful booth Denise! I especially love the pillows, linens and all the holiday décor!

  2. Everything looks great, Denise! Hope you had a great show:-)


  3. Wow you have awesome things ! wish I could have been able to come to the farmhouse sale. Will you have the wooden arrows at Auntie Bees to sale? I would love to buy one. Thanks


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