French blue secretary

It is a super gray, rainy day here in Oregon.  
Normally I hate these kinds of days, but since I am holed up inside working on last minute prep before The Farmhouse Show, I'm ok with it.

It did make the photo shoot for this secretary a bit challenging, but I'm finding that I am getting more comfortable with my camera and it's not as daunting as it used to be!

Here's another piece I finished working on for the show:

Normally I shy away from doing blue pieces, because they don't sell as well for me, but sometimes I get tired of doing the same stuff, and when it feels right on certain pieces, I'm willing to give it a try.

This pretty French style secretary is painted in Miss Mustard Seed's French Enamel.
This is such a gorgeous blue- it's really hard to describe, but what I love about it is that even though it is a medium blue tone, it always seems to give off a hint of aqua.

What really got me with this desk was the gorgeous hardware:

Once I had painted the desk, they were looking just a tad bit dated with the dark 
1970's tones....
You can see the one on the bottom that I'm holding is unfinished, and the one on top has a new brighter look with Rub N Buff.  I used Gold Leaf.

Yes, it's a subtle difference, but I think the final outcome looks much richer.

I paired the desk with some rustic accessories.
This amazing wood bowl will be available at the Farmhouse Show.
I found it on a buying trip in Portland a couple weeks ago.  
It had some traces of a hand painted design and ball point pen inside, but I sanded it away and gave it a good scrub with some soapy water.
I oiled it with hemp oil, and now it looks amazing with it's aged patina.

Speaking of hemp oil, that's how I finished the secretary.  Usually I use clear wax, but I am running low and won't have time to order more and have it get here before next week.  
I have a big piece that will get waxed tomorrow, so I had to preserve what's left for that!
The hemp oil went on beautifully, and has a silky smooth finish.

I had initially planned on painting the interior of the secretary, but at the last minute, I opted to leave the natural wood.  I think it's a great complement to the bits of distressing on the exterior, and looks great against the French blue.

It's been nice with the pouring rain to sit and get some painting projects and sewing done!
But hopefully it will go away before next Tuesday when we start loading the truck up!!
See you soon!

xo Denise

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  1. Very nice Denise-I love that blue and I think the hardware update was a great idea!

  2. Really pretty Denise! And the gold hardware really shines against the blue! ... Hope your show is a huge success!

  3. I have been painting all day to and looking out the window watching it pour and the wind blow. I actually quite like it when I got have to go out in it :) Your desk is so cute! You have inspired me to try milk paint with your projects :)

  4. You did a beautiful job on this. I hope your show goes well for you!! Have a beautiful day!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  5. I think the blue is very pretty and the word "French" makes it an even more saleable piece.Lovely work!


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