simple no sew pillow tutorial with freezer paper stencil

Hey everyone!  
I wanted to come back today and show you a super simple and fun pillow you can make.

I enjoy sewing, but I know not everyone has access to a machine or likes to sew, so here's a super easy way to make a customized pillow.
For this project I used a scrap piece of drop cloth for my pillow cover.
You can also use cotton or twill.

I used a longer lumbar pillow for this project.
The size on this one was 26 x 14"
and I bought it at JoAnn's a few years ago for another pillow project.

I've had a hard time tracking down this size again, but you might be able to find it...
If you can't, Ikea also makes a good size rectangular pillow (slightly smaller though) that I like (Fjadrar)It's usually around $7.

**Be sure to get a pillow suitable for outdoors if it will be exposed to the elements though!!
The Ikea pillow is down filled, so it can't get wet!

For your fabric, cut it about 24" longer than your pillow.

You will lose a lot of that extra length when you gather up the edges to tie off.
You want to also make sure that you have enough fabric length to wrap it around the pillow.

Next, you can print off your welcome or whatever saying you want to have for your pillow.
I just used my Word program.

The font I used here is Janda Stylish Script.
It's a bit wispy, so if you have trouble seeing something that thin, you might want to opt for a chunkier font or script.

Print off your phrase- I made mine big enough so it printed off on 2 pages.
You can cut the font in half where it would naturally join together and tape it for your stencil.

Place the print out underneath your freezer paper, and trace the lettering.

Once it is traced, I place the freezer paper on a self healing quilting mat and cut out the letters using an exacto blade.
Again, if this is difficult for you to see, use a thicker font and you can maybe even get away with some sharp scissors to cut out your letters.
Make sure you save any interior pieces- the middles of E's or O's etc- because  you will need them!

Once all your letters are cut out, place your freezer paper on your fabric where you want your lettering to be.
Smooth it out and make sure it is as straight as possible.  Using a hot iron, iron the freezer paper onto your fabric.
Place any middles to any letters (...your E's, A's, etc) where they belong and carefully iron them in place.

Once your stencil has been ironed onto your fabric, you can use craft paint to to dab the color onto the stencil cutout area.
I just use a foam brush.

Use uniform coverage when you apply- mostly so that there aren't any globs around the edges where you will be lifting off the stencil.

Let the paint sit for a few minutes to dry slightly, and then you can peel away the stencil from the fabric.

P.S. If you want an aged, faded appearance to your fabric lettering, once the fabric is 90% dry, toss it in the washing machine for a quick wash, and it will lift some of the color so you have an aged,  faded look to the print.

Continue to allow to dry for approximately one hour, and then you are ready to wrap your pillow!
I wrapped the width and had about 2" overlap.
I folded over the edge and simply safety pinned it shut.

No one is really ever going to see this side of it, but it still looks nice to have a folded edge.

Gather up the ends and using a length of ribbon (I used about 12" for each side) tie a simple knot.

That's it!

Have fun~

xo Denise

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  1. Thanks for sharing this tutorial, Denise. I have heard of doing this before, but never actually saved any instructions on it. I will have to give this a try (finally)! : ) Your pillow turned out great.

  2. Denise, thanks for sharing this project. I can't sew a thing so this is perfect for me. Love how this looks. Pinning when home at my computer.


  3. Love it!!! Read all the directions to make sure I could do it. I just made two pillows with words but I used rubber stamps and it turned out okay but love the way you did it.. Will try this in the future.


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