Rustic fall porch

Welcome to our fall porch!
The weather decided that on the first day of fall that it would do a 180 degree turn from the last day of summer.  
We went from 80 degree weather to the upper 60's literally overnight.  

Come on in and sit down!


I made a big batch of homemade popcorn and poured a couple glasses of fresh squeezed apple cider for us to enjoy.

On one of my treasure hunts this year I found a Whirley Pop for a song, and we have loved making popcorn with it.  
Our secret ingredient is to add in a teaspoon of garlic salt to the oil so that it coats all the kernels as they pop.
So good.
You know who else loves popcorn?...

I can't decide what I like better- icy cold apple cider, or warmed....which do you prefer?

A couple new additions to our porch this year was the no-sew bolster pillow and the plaid blanket.
The pillow was super easy!  
I'll show you a tutorial tomorrow!

I was excited to find a fall blanket at Goodwill a few weeks ago.  
I love to have seasonal throws for the porch.

Our summer flowers were looking really crispy, so it was great to refresh our planters with some bright autumn color.  
In our urn, I plopped in a big ol' pumpkin, and surrounded it with a twig wreath.

Don't you just love how mums bring in fall?
I have yellow, orange, and the one to the left below is a tricolor that is just starting to open up.  
I can't wait to see how that will look.

I have to tell you- the best place here to get fall mums is at Godfrey's Nursery.  
They are just outside of Salem, and would you believe that I got all our flowers for $8.50 a piece?!

Let's enjoy the cooler weather, and watch the neighbors go by.

xo Denise

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  1. What a beautiful front porch. I like how you displayed your lights near the ceiling. Favorite pic. is the last one. :)

  2. Your porch is always so charming Denise! I love the idea of sitting out there on a cool evening wrapped up in a cozy throw!

  3. What an inviting porch--and your pug is adorable. Love the way it's posing with the pumpkins! :) --Fran

  4. Your porch looks so festive and cozy. Love all the pops of fall colors...popcorn and cider too!!!

  5. Love your decorating ideas! thanks for the popcorn and cider!


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