Green and aqua Fall mantel

This year I decided to go very non traditional with our fall decor.  
At least on the mantel.
I'm still debating about the dining room, but we'll see.

Over the last few months, I haven't done a lot to our mantel- I changed it up a bit for spring and summer, but then we had a photo shoot here in July, and the editor for the magazine wanted a different look- something I had late last year- and so the painting that I was wanting to enjoy again has been down waiting for me to do something about it.

The painting is one we've had since we moved in, and I am hoping to do a post about it soon!

Anyway, I wanted to work it into our fall decor, so I decided to go towards harmonious colors in our family room.
Greens, aquas, neutrals.  

I bought the white washed wood box this summer at Molly Mo's Antique Faire.

I drove around to a couple places over the weekend looking for these green squash.
They are such a pretty color of green and have a very rustic look.

Our hydrangeas are pretty much done blooming for the year but they have turned from bright periwinkle blues, to gorgeous shades of green, aqua, and pink.

I also added in some spanish moss to soften the edge of the box.
I was hoping to drape a bit of green hops to this (which I have in my booth at Aunt Bee's House) but of course I forgot to get some when I was there this morning.

A few fall berries are also tucked in for contrast.

I swapped out the summer hydrangeas in our vases for fall twigs and berries.

The last few years I've had a fall banner on our mantel, but I decided to swap it out this year for a natural wood bead garland.

It was really easy to string together with some heavy twine, and I used 3 packages from Michael's to make the garland.  Just a few torn strips of old muslin fabric to add softness to the ends.

It's definitely not a traditional look for fall, but I love that it fits with the colors in our home, and still has all the cozy and rustic elements of fall decorating.

Maybe next year I'll go back to traditional.

Have you decorated for fall yet?

xo Denise 

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  1. Oh how pretty! I love how fresh this looks Denise!

  2. so pretty, denise! i love the wheat and the beads- it's so natural and warm!

  3. The wood box on your mantel looks gorgeous, Denise! I love the painting and how you've coordinated your Fall decorating with it. Love the squash, pumpkins and hydrangeas that are those colors. It looks great!

  4. Very pretty. the soft greens!

  5. It looks great--this is my kind of fall decorating!

  6. I think your "mantel-scape" is beautiful! When I first saw it, it actually looked like the wooden container with the hydrangeas & pumpkin was part of the picture & then I thought it could have easily been a beautiful view out a window with a lovely window box. I know, I have a very active imagination! It is truly beautiful!

  7. Hi Denise, I hope you get a chance to stop by the blog this week. I shared the first ever triple feature ... guess who??? Always so happy to have you join us!


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