Molly Mo's Antique Faire 2014

Whew! I didn't think it would take me a whole week to get a post up from Molly Mo's, 
but here we are- better late than never!

I had such a great time last weekend!
We had gorgeous weather, and a gorgeous setting.  
Other than the gusts of wind creating havoc for me, it was pretty awesome.

We had sunny weather for set up and show day, and as you can see in the background, we were in the middle of rolling farm fields.  

I had lots of plans to stage my booth a certain way, but set up day proved very challenging with the wind.

That bookcase to the left of this photo was going to go on top of a table at the back of my booth, but I knew it wouldn't last.
Lots of stuff falling over just during set up day, so I had to improvise my space and just keep things steady and sturdy.
I did a lot of the set up an hour before we opened, because I was so worried about stuff falling over and breaking over night.
And that was after a 9 hour day Friday.

My tent was secured down pretty well, so I wasn't too worried about that, but my market umbrella was another story!
It was a last minute addition to what I'd originally planned to bring, so I didn't have everything I needed to secure it, and that was kinda crazy at times!

I had my friend Janna come help me for the morning, and she was kind enough to snap a few photos of my space while I helped customers.

I had a couple people recognize the desk that had just been featured as one of Miss Mustard Seed's features at her Furniture Feature party a couple nights before.

That was seriously one of my best moments ever- I've secretly hoped for several years now that one day I would have one of my pieces featured at her party.
When I checked it out last Thursday night and saw my desk pop up, I burst into tears.
I know it sounds so corny, but it was seriously a moment for me.
Marian, you made my week!
And thank you to those of you who stopped by to congratulate me!
So sweet!!

I had a few hand painted signs like this one:

I never got a post up on this little project below, but I made a farmhouse style table out of an old gate.  I added legs and a skirt to finish it off.  I was pretty proud of myself for building it until a couple of the legs went a little wonky at loading time.
Back to the drawing board I guess...

This was my only casualty from the wind gusts- I had a garden obelisk (the wire frame here) that I thought I had staked into the ground pretty well, but during set up, it fell over and broke a few of the crystals on that little chandy.  :(

My sweet neighbor, Pam of Mama Roost, had a few extras on hand that I was able to add to it.
Those little pointe shoes that are hanging were from the 1950's and were very cute.
They went home with someone at the sale.

And the industrial nail bin went really fast!  
Honestly, I was pretty surprised how fast it sold and was very happy about that!

The rusty table console that I featured here prior to the sale went home with a regular customer of mine, who is a really sweet lady.
They ended up getting it a couple days after the show, but I'm so glad it has a new home.  
It was a favorite of mine!

This bookcase was pretty empty by the end of the day!
I still have a few items, but not much.

It was a fantastic sale, and I enjoyed having my family there to help that weekend.
Thank you so much to every one who stopped by, said hello, and supported those of us who love good junk as much as you do!

I'm restocking my space at Aunt Bee's this week, and then headed to a little weekend getaway.
I'll be back next week with some more projects and fun stuff!

xo Denise

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  1. I have to say it was a perfect venue among those rolling hills and farm land. Glad we got to meet in person Denise. Love your items--take care and have a great vacation:)

  2. It looks like you had a great show, sorry to hear about the damage to the chandelier though! You had so many wonderful things in your booth it's no wonder you sold a lot. Congratulations on the feature!

  3. Such pretty things and I love the landscape.

  4. It's no wonder you sold so much, you sure know how to set up an awesome space. Love all your treasures!


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