A vintage desk in Miss Mustard Seed's Typewriter

I had hopes of getting up much earlier to write this post and have it up sooner, but we had a thunderstorm in the middle of the night that kept me awake for awhile.
I really really really hate thunder.

I was cowering in bed trying to drown out the sound while Bella snoozed peacefully next to me.
It's kinda backwards.
Also?  Don't tell me how much you love thunder.
I will burn an icy glaze right through your eyeballs.

Just kidding.  But not really.

A couple weekends ago, I bribed my family into a Saturday morning adventure.
There was a very big neighborhood-wide garage and estate sale happening about an hour away, so we got up early, and with our coffee in hand, drove down to check it out.
It was awesome.  
Such a cute little town and it was buzzing with people.

I found this desk at one of the last stops of the day.  
It was blazing hot, and this very sweet boy was standing outside manning just a handful of items.
The desk had a funky paint job, but it was really solid and I loved the little cubbies.
We hauled it home with all the other loot, and I couldn't wait to get started on it.

I painted two coats of Miss Mustard Seed's Typewriter, and then did a light distressing job with my metal scraper and sander.  Clear wax to finish.
The two tone effect with the original color turned out great!

Normally I don't point out my mistakes, but I'm going to here.

A lot of times when I have tight little spaces like these cubbies, I will use a spray paint.  
It's much easier than trying to get a brush in all those tight corners.  
I had initially thought about a light gray, and then decided the pop of coral in those cubbies from the original paint would be much cuter.

Somehow, between the time I had that thought and when I started working on it, I forgot to leave the original color.
And of course, I didn't even think about it until two coats of spray paint later.

When all was said and done, I tried to distress a bit in the cubbies to bring back some of the coral...it's ok, but not what would have been ideal.
Moving on.

This is such a nice desk because it is finished on the back side too.  I didn't have room to show it here in the photos, but I like it when a piece like this has an option to float in a room and have all four sides pretty, and visible.

I accessorized the desk with a few of my own pieces, and a few that I will be bringing with me to Molly Mo's Antique Faire.

Lots of gorgeous vintage books will be coming.
I found this cute galvanized vintage caddy a couple weekends ago at an estate sale.  
It was full of fishing lures, but I see tons of potential.  

You could lay a pretty white napkin inside and use it as a silverware caddy; plant some succulents or flowers inside; use it to corral makeup brushes or supplies; eye glasses or keys by the door;
mount it to the wall for an odds and ends catch all; recipe card holder....seriously.  
So many possibilities!

The cute rolling chair I showed earlier is going.  
It is so comfy and rolls like a dream.  
I was thinking about keeping it for my studio....I think I better let go of it, but it's tempting.

The vintage typewriter will be coming along.

But not the wire trash bin.

Since high school (I'm not joking) I have wanted an authentic vintage wire trash bin.
I saw one for sale on a Facebook page that I am a part of, and snapped it up so fast!
I am so excited to finally have one!!

It's in our office, where it replaced a very new mesh trash can that was standing in until the real thing came along.

Also, the vintage map partially shown here will be going with me to Molly Mo's.

It is very old, and from the 1920's or 1930's.  
There are 3 pages, double sided, and it was a promotional piece from Farm and Fireside magazine.  
It was a farming magazine that eventually went on to become Country Home!

More projects being worked on, and I promise I will have some pretty and less gritty pieces to show soon.
Have a great thunder less weekend!

xo Denise

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  1. What a charming old desk! I love the new finish and you have styled it beautifully! I'd want to keep this one!

    1. Thanks Sharon! :) I thought about it, but I love our "desk" we use now, so it was pretty easy to stick a price tag on it ;)

  2. I'd have such a hard time parting with this beauty. I never would have known the cubbies were a mistake, they look perfect. Love all the vintage accessories you found, especially the typewriter and the "keeper" basket.

  3. Gorgeous Desk Denise! isn't painting the cubbies a hassle? I spray paint too-love what you did! the keeper basket and typewriter are great too!

    1. thank you so much! Yes, there's times I've put the effort into hand painting cubbies, but it is such a pain!! Spray paint to the rescue ;)

  4. Love this space and all your vintage pieces. And your desk is a perfect fit...well done!

  5. jestem pełna podziwu ! piękny dom , piękne zdjęcia, twój blog jest magiczny .
    pozdrawiam :)

  6. I would take that whole vignette and put it in my house as is! So amazing. This is just my style, and I don't think a girl can ever have too many books and vintage maps!


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