Grainsack chippy table makeover

Good morning friends!
It's a new week, and I have high hopes that I will be a regular poster here.

I've been working really hard on a lot of projects, but also trying to be a good mom and take some breaks during my day or during the week for some fun moments with my family.
This summer is whizzing by, isn't it?

Last week I came across a really nice pine table.  
It was in decent shape except for some carved-in graffiti on the top.

That's always fun to work with.

July tends to be a slow month for retail, and it's not too different whether you're big or small.
I kinda hoped with this makeover that I could do a quick makeover and flip on this piece.
Yesterday was Aunt Bee's parking lot sale, so I hoped with the extra foot traffic from that, maybe I could sell a piece of furniture quickly!

I used Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint in Grainsack.
This is a great color because at first glance it looks white, but there is a very subtle gray undertone, which I love.
The paint chipped right away and I have to say every time I do this I get a little giddy.

It's such a perfect paint for me to work with.
I just can't stay away from anything chipping or peeling, and I have a long history of not being able to resist it.

When I was around age 6, we lived in a little ranch style house and my parents decided to paint our bathroom.
One wall was done in a bright yellow gloss paint, and this was the same wall I looked at as I would sit on the loo.
Being a curious 6 year old, I noticed one day that there was a slight bubble in the paint.
Curious, I decided to pick at it.

Of course, it left a hole in the paint job.  
I did my best to squish is back into place, but every time I used the bathroom, I couldn't help peeling away another bit of the yellow paint.
Pretty soon, there was a nice big peeled away patch of paint, and I got in big trouble when it was time to fess up.
I've also always been too honest for my own good.

Long time love affair with chippy paint!

Anyway, with the table top needing some repair, I sanded off all the glossy finish and filled in the carved initials with wood filler.
I then applied 3 coats of General Finishes Antique Cherry wood stain to the top, using a fine gauge steel wool to lightly buff the surface between coats.
It created a really rich, dark brown top.

Bonus as I was working on this: Made in Italy stamped on the underside.

I've been fortunate to hit some really amazing sales the last two weekends, and this beautiful ironstone tureen and red & gray cloth were two of my finds.

The ironstone will be going with me to Molly Mo's August 9, and the cloth will be used as part of a cushion for a fun little bench project I'm working on this week.

 Saturday night I went down shortly before the store closed to take the table in as well as a few smaller items 
(psst...My Facebook page always has updates)
and guess what?
My hopes of a quick flip were realized.  
It sold Sunday at the sale!

I'm working on lots more furniture pieces right now as I prepare for Molly Mo's Antique Faire.

I'm so excited and honored to be a part of this one.
You can click here for directions and more details.
This is a fantastic event with really wonderful vendors.
I always find unique pieces here, and I am definitely bringing some of my own!

You might see a bit of a deja vu- I have another round table with chippy white finish that I'm finishing up this week.

Talk to you soon~
xo Denise

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  1. So glad you sold your table--it is awesome! Thanks for sharing the story of when you were little :)

  2. Such a pretty makeover on the table, no wonder it sold quickly!

  3. It's no surprise that this beauty sold so fast. Love the chippy legs!


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