Vintage yellow serpentine dresser

This little yellow dresser was found at one of my favorite estate sales.  
Do you ever have those kind? 
The ones that you still revel in, remembering how much good stuff you found?

This one was so awesome, that I actually ran out of the cash I brought! 
The people running it  (I think they were the children of the couple whose home they were liquidating) were nice enough to hold the rest of my stash and let me run down to the bank to get more loot.

This dresser was one of the first pieces I spotted walking in, and I nabbed it fast.  
I loved the serpentine drawers on top, but it was still simple in design.

The price was unbelievable, and it came with a "hutch" top.  
Really, it was just a bookcase on top, and when it came time to load it up, we all discovered that the only thing keeping the "hutch" attached to the top was a thick layer of paint. 

Anyway, it was in really good shape, but the top was yucky, and it needed new knobs.  
The drawers were all lined with old newspapers from the early 1970's.  
Kinda fun to look at in the process of cleaning it up, but they needed to be recycled.

As I was getting ready to sand the top of the dresser, I realized that all it was, was a layer of linoleum- painted and glued to the wood top.

After a good sanding, it revealed this lovely finish.  
I rubbed some Miss Mustard Seed Hemp Oil into it, and it is gorgeous.

I thought the yellow was really cute, so I just distressed it a little, and it revealed a fun layer of aqua hiding underneath.  
The knobs are from Pier One, and remind me of little daisies popping out from the sunny color.

I still have the book case that came with the dresser, so maybe they will still stay together....for the right buyer.

It's such a cute one, eh?
I'm hoping to drop this off at Aunt Bee's this morning.  
I have a few stale pieces I need to rotate out, so this one will be taking up residence.

I hope your week is off to a good start.  
After a bit of early morning work, I have a fun day planned with a friend!!
Mani's and pedi's and a day at the pool!
woo hoo!

xo Denise

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  1. Favorite estate sales?! Yes! :-) They are dangerous but so inspiring!

    Beautiful piece. I just love older pieces that have the extra boards on the side. LOL. Is there a better term for that??


  2. Oh I love the yellow. Makes me want to decorate with yellow. Makes me think of butter. The knobs are so pretty. The balls in the jar add just the right bit of color in the glass. Sweet!

  3. Love it...What a great find and the yellow is perfect!! yes, I have been to sales like that...I still remember one from 6 years ago,,,The best are the ones family fun!


  4. That's my favorite style of dresser - simple, but oh so pretty! I love the aqua peeking out of the yellow, such a pretty combination!

  5. That is so cute! I have been drawn to yellow lately--it is such a happy color :)

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful dresser at Knick of Time Tuesday! Be sure to "like" the Knick of Time Facebook page, so I can promote your page & blog on Facebook!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  7. This dresser is super pretty, I love the top and the way it turned out after the hemp oil. The knobs do remind me of daisies.


  8. Sigh . . . this little dresser makes me smile. I love the yellow color and the natural top. Is that what hemp oil does to natural wood? Wow!
    Thank you for sharing.


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