Vintage door arbor

Well, we did it.  
We crossed off another project for 2014!

You may recognize this vintage door arbor- I classify it in the "urban legend" category of Pinterest, ***see update at the end of the post!***
because it is pinned so often everywhere, but I have yet to see an original source.

The photo looks like it is professional, but I've never seen a legitimate pin of where to find building plans (if there are any) or who to give credit to!
If you know, please tell me!

I've adored (like many of you) this idea for a long time.  

About 2 years ago, I stopped in to my local ReStore, and noticed a pair of vintage doors that had just been donated.  
I asked one of the guys working if they knew if they were available yet?
As luck would have it, the guy I asked was the donor, and he said I could have them.  
For free.

Happy dance!! 
 I would finally get to build this arbor!
Well, time got away from us, so they were used as props for several shows I was in over the last couple years.

 I was determined 2014 would be the year that I would have the arbor done.

We added in some pretty, wispy hanging baskets to the window frames.

This is one of my favorite spots in our garden.
There's lots of perennials, and it's the main entry way to our yard from the front gate.

As of right now, the view you would normally see being framed by the new arbor is our very large blue trampoline.
We love having it for Hannah and for her friends that come over, but someday when she's done with it, we plan on putting in a paver patio on the other side of the arbor.

I love the aged, vintage charm this adds.

Even from our back deck, it adds such a fun element to our yard.

This project had it's challenges-  tomorrow I will share how we built it and put it together!
If you'd like to see more inspiration from my Pinterest board, Outdoor Living Spaces, you can click here.

***April 14, 2015: I am so happy to say that I finally heard who the original source was for the Pinterest photo that inspired our project!  Larry and Jeanne Sammons who are admins of Flea Market Gardening are the creators of this project.   A huge thank you for answering my long standing question, and for the inspiration that so many of us have loved and pinned!***

xo Denise

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  1. Thanks for your inspiration. It came just at the right time. Sometime ago my husband had built something similar for our back garden with old doors that had stained glass in them. When I arrived home on Saturday from a day out he had started clearing out the garden it leads to as part of a planned revamp. I always intended to keep the structure as I love it because he built it and the new garden will incorporate it. Then I went and opened Facebook and there was your beautiful photo. So now he will refix the doors to the sides (instead of the front) and I will paint them white (they are currently green). I am fairly new to your blog and am enjoying it - we have simlar taste. Thanks.

  2. That is gorgeous, Denise. You did an amazing job on it...and now the new PIN will be YOURS!!! Love it- xo Diana

  3. The arbor is ingenious and beautiful! Love the hanging plants, too. You have an especially lovely yard, the hydrangeas are to die for!
    xo Kathleen

  4. Wow, it's gorgeous and so worth the wait. You were sure in the right place at the right time with those wonderful doors. Love the hanging flowers and of course your beautiful hydrangeas.

  5. How totally awesome! I've always loved that photo too. Now I'm pinning your arbor. It was so worth the wait!

  6. ooh….love it so much. great great job.

  7. This is so pretty--love your yard. We have a trampoline too--doesn't look too beautiful but my kids use it so much I can't get rid of it yet. LOVE this project!

  8. I love it! Your arbor is enchanting!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  9. WOW Denise, this is beautiful addition to your garden. Love these old doors you found.


  10. this piece is absolutely adorable. love the hanging plants...looks perfect in your yard and garden.

    Seeking Lavender Lane


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