Powder room updates- French elegance

Our powder room downstairs has been getting some small elegant updates over the last week.  
I think I've only posted on this space once or twice, so here's a little progress peek!

It's a challenging space to photograph because of the tiny size and lighting issues.
Since we moved here 6 years ago, I painted the walls, stenciled a tone on tone pattern, switched out the lighting and hardware.
That's about it!

Eventually I'd like to take out the cabinet and install a sink into the farmhouse desk that we currently use for our bar.

from our Christmas house tour
I've already measured it, and it fits almost perfectly into the spot.
I might have to shave off a bit off the back to make everything flush, but that's a project down the road!

I added in this statue a couple years ago- it's very similar to one we had at our wedding near our guest book.  I bought it several years ago at a local antique store for around $20.
I've filed the cornucopia with some aqua Japanese glass floats.

We also installed the vintage lantern in here about a year ago.
I was hoping it could be hardwired in, but no such luck.

I covered up the original fixture spot with a replica French street sign that I painted.
The builder grade mirror is framed with a large vintage frame that I simply propped up on the counter.

Over the weekend I picked up some peacock feathers - I've had dried or faux flowers in here previously, but as this room has evolved I wanted something more like a 1920's French flat.

The height of these is a nice compliment to the tall mirror frame.
I swapped out a vase I had been using here and opted for an apothecary jar instead.
It is embellished with a rosary coin and vintage ribbon.

I filled the base of the apothecary jar with dried lavender.
It looks so pretty and still smells wonderful.

Over the weekend, I went to Hobby Lobby for the first time ever!!
It was overwhelming trying to take everything in, but mostly I was in search of their famous 50% off hardware knobs.
It did not disappoint.

I was buying some mercury glass knobs for a dresser makeover that is about halfway done, and while I was there, I decided to grab a couple more for a little update on our cabinet doors.
 Previously, we had some standard silver knobs, and I wanted something with some sparkle and elegance.
I'd love to paint the cabinets, but it seems like a wasted effort right now since I know that I want to put the farmhouse desk in here soon.

I think my favorite thing in our powder room is this portrait of Mademoiselle Dubois.
I had it for sale for awhile at Aunt Bee's House.
It wasn't selling, and honestly it got to the point where I knew I would be sad to let it go, so she came home with me and adds a beautiful touch to the room.

There are some surface scratches and dings, but I don't care.
I still think she's gorgeous!

Thanks for letting me show you our updates on this teeny tiny space!

We're enjoying the beginning of summer vacation, and I'm looking forward to some organizing and painting today.

See you soon.
xo Denise

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  1. It's a little gem, Denise! Love the statue and the light fixture. I didn't even realize you only had the frame propped against the mirror until you said it. When we first moved to Ohio and I went into Hobby Lobby for the very first time I was overwhelmed, too. I don't think I bought anything on that first trip {it was really to check it out anyway}, but I did walk around and try to take everything in. I loved that I could get craft supplies, fabric and home décor items in one place ~ and at great prices, too.

    1. Thank you so much, Kathy! :) I am looking forward to more visits there soon too! The floral and fabric departments are definitely two other spots I am looking forward to shopping more soon.

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