Adding farmhouse style to our family room

For about a month now, I've been making changes to our family room.
I'm slowly but surely figuring out what style I love, and what style truly what I want to live with.

You know what has helped me clarify my style?

It sounds so obvious, but if you're like me, and you love a variety of decor styles, your own style can get muddled.
And I felt like that's what was happening to me. 

There was one evening where I was wanting some fresh inspiration for our house, and I decided to really study my "Favorite Decor" board.

When I started that one, I didn't go into it with a ton of thought.  
It was just a board that I pinned to if something immediately spoke to me, or made me say, ooooh.
As I looked through all my pins, it instantly became obvious what I love.

Chippy furniture, warm woods, soft fabrics, white walls, and vintage accessories with a collected look.
Everything was warm, bright, and inviting. 
Little bits of European flair.

About the time I started making an effort to change the look to what I was inspired by, I went to an estate sale at a beautiful farm. 
There was tons of great stuff, and I was able to bring home this farm table.

I loved the rustic look to it.  
You could tell it had been loved on for many years.  
There were bits of newspaper glued to the top and paint splatters.  

 Maybe someone's craft table. 

After a lot of sanding, and some hemp oil, it retains the rustic charm I wanted, but still shows the patina of the table.
I lived with it in it's all wood state for awhile, and then recently painted and distressed the legs in Miss Mustard Seed's Ironstone milk paint.

We still needed a spot for our DVR and game console, so I had my dad build us a simple TV riser with openings for the technology.  
I used General Finishes wood stain in Antique Cherry.  
This is by far the best wood stain I've used, and I couldn't believe how well the color matched the old, refinished wood.
I'm so happy that we have something that functions practically but blends in with the old.
The apron drop front and basket hide all the cords.

 I've been anxious to reveal a new to us piece that is now in our family room.

This fabulous vintage cabinet that I bought from my friend Sarah of Roost Reimagined
I love the cracked paint finish and the simple shape of it.

This particular spot has undergone so many changes and makeovers, I think I've lost count.
Previously we had open shelves, and I just wanted something that I didn't have to constantly be updating and styling.

Lots of storage all hidden away!
After I had loaded this up, I was doing some cleaning on this piece and noticed a little metal tab on the front right corner that said NPR.  
I didn't really want that on there, so I carefully pulled it off, and this was revealed:

Do you see it?
Now, I'm not sure because the history that I heard on this piece from Sarah wouldn't match up to what she was told about where this came from, but....
I am so curious if I have yet another piece from Oregon State Hospital!
You might remember the dresser I got on Craigslist that came from there.
It's definitely a possibility, but who knows? 

I loaded up on some fresh cut blooms from our garden.
We have four hydrangea bushes, and I just love this time of year when I can have fresh bouquets all over the house.

I still have lots of tweaking that I want to do in here.  
I am still looking for some small salvage or vintage pieces to flank the trellis and wall basket above the TV.
I just couldn't decide what I wanted here.

It's been fun to change it up, and add more of what we love in this room.
Thanks for visiting with me today.
I'll keep you posted as things continue to evolve here!

xo Denise

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  1. Your livingroom looks just great! I especially like that cabinet...and wow can it hold a lot. I love this time of year when you can so easily pick flowers for the house. Have a good day!

  2. I love that vintage cabinet and all it's chippy goodness! And that table, oh my, what an inspired choice for your TV. And the riser makes it just perfect! Your family room is evolving beautifully!

  3. Love the table and the hydrangeas. I inherited a similar table (smaller) from a neighbor's garage. Not sure how I'm going to paint it but you' given me some inspiration. I have about 12 hydrangea bushes, but ours are pink!
    xo Kathleen

  4. Lovely happy colors!! I love the chippy paint and the blue hydrangeas. Such sunny style... :-)

    Lory at

  5. This table is so cute and such a good idea! And both of my daughters are on the floor writing/coloring right now, haha. Maybe I need to make them a table like this!


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