vintage bed crown- DIY

A few months ago I was dropping off some items at Aunt Bee's House, and saw an interesting item in one of my neighbor's booths.

I wasn't totally sure what it was, but I loved the look of it, and looked at the tag to see how much, and a description.

A fireplace screen!
A beautiful, scrolly, hearth side screen.  
I was smitten.
Since our house is only a few years old, and we have a gas fireplace, and it would look pretty ridiculous to have a screen like this in front of it.
(I did toy with the idea for about half a second....)

I left, but every time I went in I would admire it and wonder what I could do with it.

A bed crown.
An original piece that I could transform into a romantic canopy for our bed.

It sat in the garage for awhile - I kept trying to figure out how to safely attach it overhead, since it's meant to sit on the ground.
This last week, I finally decided to try an idea.

Swag hooks.
Hannah thought the packaging was hilarious.
Jumbo swag
If you know teenagers, you get it.

Anyway, I bought 4 hooks, and we installed them into the ceiling.

Since the mesh wire seemed big enough to get the hook through, I was thinking it would be pretty straightforward.
Except we found some of the wire was bent tighter and with the metal lip, it wasn't possible to get every one through.
We got one all the way hooked through, and the other three are holding it up like a shelf bracket underneath.  As long as there's the one hooked through, I feel ok.  
Even in an earthquake, it's pretty well anchored into the ceiling.
(and earthquakes are extremely rare in Oregon.)

I used Osnaburg fabric for the main canopy drape, and added some white ball fringe to the edge.
I sewed button holes all along the top edge and then threaded white twill tape through and did a simple tie.
The white fabric on the wall is the same that we had previously- I just hung a basic brass curtain rod on the wall.  
It's more gathered because it's not as spread out as before.

I love that we have a totally unique item for our new bed crown.
Other than the time factor, it was really pretty easy to do!

For the finishing touch, I added in a metal flower that I pinned to the fabric.

You can click on my Pinterest board for Bedrooms and see some of the inspiration I got when I was getting ready to do this project.

I'm having so much fun sprucing up our house and getting things back to normal around here.
That's all for now!
Have a great Thursday!

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  1. It looks great, Denise! Very creative use for this piece. It makes for a very pretty bed crown. I really miss mine. Once we got a King size bed back in Sept/Oct. the bed crown just looked out of proportion. I've held onto it in the event we ever do go back to a Queen size bed {although, I've been told you don't once you've gotten a King}. Personally, I preferred our Queen size bed ~ along with my bed crown!

    Happy Mother's Day!

    1. Thanks Kathy! I keep holding off on moving up too... ;) I hope you get your bed crown again one day!

  2. What a creative and unique way to use the old fireplace screen. If there's a will, there's a way...great idea to hang it from the hooks. Love the entire look!!

    1. thanks Betsy! I have no regrets on finally getting this done! So loving it :)

  3. Quite unique and oh, so very pretty!!!!

  4. Denise,
    This is a stunning look you put how it's unique.


  5. This is so perfect - it looks as if this was it's intended purpose, just beautiful!

  6. Looks beautiful -- very inventive!

  7. Denise it looks perfect in your room. Thanks for sharing at THT!

  8. This looks great - saw you featured at Pamela's ^.

  9. That is gorgeous, Denise! I love it! So elegant.

  10. What a creative idea and it turned out sooooo pretty! Love it!

  11. This is an amazing project...and it just looks outstanding! Beautiful! :)

  12. I love it! Ingenious idea for your salvaged find!



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