Industrial drawer cabinet

After such a long hiatus between the bed crown post and the garden tour yesterday, I'm trying to be a little more organized, and get focused on some regular posts!

Yesterday I took this great cabinet down to Aunt Bee's.

I picked it up just a couple weekends ago, and it was the culmination of a fantastic junking weekend!
If you follow me on Instagram, you also saw a preview pic of a table I picked up at a barn sale....this was all in the same weekend.

Epic, I tell ya.  
I love that kind of luck.  
There are plenty of dud weekends, so it's nice to get a big stash of good stuff in a couple days.

This was from an estate sale, and the family was so fun.  
Great sense of humor and super helpful.
There were a few other pieces I got at this one, and they were equally good!

This is a totally handmade piece.  
I love that each individual drawer was put together and the patina on each handle is fabulous.

And if you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know I have a love of aqua.
But did you know I also have a love of mint green??
It was almost too much for me to handle seeing this!

After a good cleaning, and a little touch up with some additional paint, she is available in my space!

And, for those of you who are not anywhere near me, I have a little bonus info for you.
Aunt Bee's House is now offering shipping!  I'm so excited about this prospect!

Now if you see something I have and you just can't live without it, you can purchase and have it shipped to you through Aunt Bee's House and a shipping company they are working with.
If you want details on any of my pieces, just message me here or on my Facebook page, and I can give you the info and put you in touch with the shop.
Or, you can go directly to Aunt Bee's Facebook page, and the phone number to the shop is listed there.

Before I sign off for today, I have one more question for you, friends.
Do you prefer seeing more posts, or beautifully staged and set up posts, even if it means there might be a break between posts for a few days?
I've been thinking about this over the last week, and I'd love your input.

xo Denise

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  1. Love the wood just like it is, the blue that is! The drawers are simply adorable.

  2. I absolutely love the color, too! As for posting, you should do whatever works best for YOU:) xo Kathleen


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