A Fiddle Leaf Fig for the dining room and some extra greenery around the house

I am really enjoying a break between shows right now.  
I decided to participate in more shows this year than any other previous year, but it's been really nice to have a little break to focus on our home and get some decorating done.

Over the weekend, I decided to add some much needed greenery to our house.  
This corner of our dining room has been needing something, and despite all efforts to fill it with a variety of objects, I finally went with a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree.

I like the fullness of the leaves, and I added in more height by being a little tricky with the basket.

I popped in a large wicker basket upside down and then put a plastic tray under the plant so the water won't leak everywhere.  I know eventually I'll need to plant the Fiddle Leaf Fig in a bigger container, but for now I'm letting the extra fill dirt I added fill in around the roots as I water.

I fell in love with the vintage hops basket I found earlier this year.  
It has migrated around the house trying to find a good spot....and here it is.

I still call it my 'Beyonce basket' because of the name printed on the side!

The peonies that were on the back deck for our Memorial Day party are now inside.  

Aren't they the prettiest pale pink?

I also redecorated the top of the hutch.  I've come across a few of these vintage wine and water jugs, and decided to add some recent finds up here.  

The 35 is one of several number cards I picked up at one of my favorite picking spots. 
They are from a military warehouse.  
Number 35 was Jon's football number.  Of course I had to keep that one!

Besides the Fiddle Leaf Fig and the peonies, I decided to add a fern to our entry way.
It needed some life over here too, and I love the romantic way the fronds spill over the edge of the urn.

I'm okay at keeping most plants alive, so here's hoping these new additions will stick around for awhile!

xo Denise

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  1. Very pretty, Denise! I used to have real live green plants at our old house, but I seem to have lost my green thumb as far as house plants since we moved. Love how you used the tall basket for your fiddle leaf fig. I think it looks great in that corner, too.

  2. Great additions Denise, love the large basket the tree is in. I have no green thumb with house plants. Outside I usually do great though. Lovely new vignette on the hutch.


  3. I think you've added just the right amount of green, and everything looks so pretty, Denise.


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